Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The ONE Supplement That All These Longevity Experts Are Taking!

In this video, four world-renowned scientists – Dr. David Sinclair, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Dr. Steve Horvath, and Dr. Andrew Huberman – discuss a common supplement that they are taking to improve their healthspan.


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DISCLAIMER: The information and opinions expressed in this video are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your doctor or other qualified health provider before start taking any supplements.

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44 thoughts on “The ONE Supplement That All These Longevity Experts Are Taking!
  1. ~*~ NEW ~*~ Pure Sustainably Sourced Omega-3 Fish Oil EPA 800mg, DHA 600mg – 10% OFF Code: REVERSE

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  2. Am I a scientist? Definitely not. But I eat small oily fishes all my life. Why? My mother fed me. They should have noticed it ages and ages ago. Bonkers.

  3. I’ve been battling short term memory loss from therapeutic cannabis for years and nothing restores it as quickly and potently as pure DHA oil

  4. I wonder if they considered that fat soluble vitamins are absorbed more easily due to the fish oil ? So the benefits are indirectly related to the omega 3s

  5. EPA and DHA can easily, and certainly sustainably, be taken from Algae. There are several algae you can take for EPA / DHA. No need for highly contanminated fish. Yes, there are ultra filtered fish oils, but micro plastics are also a concern. Aaaaaand, it algae oil have almost no taste. Fishy oil tastes, not that lovely… 😀

    Always go for the highest quality and most sustainable and best tasting supplements whenever possible.

  6. Fish oil supplements are tricky though because they tend to vary in quality; and I've heard of cases where manufacturers will put closer to stale oil into the gel capsules and with the enteric coating because it goes into your small intestine, you really don't sense that you've consumed sub-standard fish oil from "fishy burps" because the oxidated volatiles have already passed through your stomach. This is one of those things there has to be more consumer awareness of and the supplement industry needs to adopt standards on its own to make sure people are getting what's being promised.

    On top of that you have other factors for quality fish oils: e.g. making sure wild sources are not overfished and repatriating them, using smaller fish as a safeguard against mercury contamination, using molecular distillation to filter out PCB contamination, and other factors I can't recall off the top of my head right now.

    But in any case the bar needs to be raised around the level of discussion around these topics and the sustainability and commercial factors are two barriers to the conversation that need to be tackled.

  7. I like DHEA. Someday they'll say something like lay off fish, they
    are loaded with toxins like
    Mercury & radiation from Japan.
    Oops that day is today. lol😅

  8. The only problem is no long lived healthy populations or centenarians ever took any vitamins or supplements because they were not available to them. Only people with health problems took supplements because they had the money and it wrecked their health with a nutritional imbalance since those supplements were unregulated and not FDA approved.

  9. Fish get their omega 3 from algea. So it's a bit misleading to talk about fish oil instead of omega 3 rich oil. It is way better for your health and the of course the planet to consume algea omega 3 oil instead of fish oil.

  10. Do not buy supplements at all some have been shown to be rancid. Eat fish meat fresh stuff. It is so simple yet we want to give these pharmas money for nothing.

  11. Fish oil is a highly processed waste product of the fishing industry. You may not want to take it after reading how it is manufactured The omega-3s it contains will likely be highly damaged (that is, rancid) from the high-temperature processing, and fish oil does not supply appreciable amounts of vitamins A and D.

  12. I been bumping up my fish oil intake to close to 3grams and noticed a significant improvement. On my way to pick up some sardines as we speak.

    Had no clue that it also up regulates Sirt1/Sirt3/Mtor/NRF2 etc etc etc

    Oh and FYI pregnant women safely were allowed to consume close to 10grams of fish oil so our human bodies can tolerate it.

    My plan was to bump up my supplement intake to close to 3grams then eat more sardines pushing my levels closer to 5grams daily and see if i notice any improvements. I’ll keep everyone posted.

  13. My supplement stack. NMN, Berberine, Cod Liver Oil and TMG. I'm temporarily also taking Resveratrol until my stash is cleared because I'm taking enough supplements as I already have it. I would say my health and fitness is immaculate for my age so I'm doing something right 🙂

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