Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Do keto & carnivore diets cause thyroid trouble? Two nutritionists discuss: Johnathan Shane

Do you find yourself unable to stop binge eating during certain periods of the month?

In this episode of The Evolving Wellness Podcast, I chat with Jonathan Shane about the impact of the infradian rhythm on a woman’s ability to lose weight. While most women try to keep a consistent and restrictive diet at all times — on top of a strict exercise regimen — they tend to end up in an endless cycle of falling into the trap of binge eating. What women fail to realize is that it’s because they don’t adjust their diet based on where they are in their menstrual cycle.

Jonathan and I also chat about the importance of eating produce that is in season, instead of whatever is imported into the grocery store. Sarah suggests a few low-sugar and fatty fruit that is safe to eat depending on where you live and what time of the year it is.

Jonathan Shane is the owner of Keto Road LLC and a certified FNTP specializing in ketogenic diets, metabolic health, and women’s health. Overcoming an 8-year battle with bulimia and body image issues, he knows the struggles of finding true health and food freedom. He has used the keto diet to not only develop a healthy body but a healthy mind and overcome eating disorders and body dysmorphia. He devotes his life and experience to helping you change yours!

What we discuss:

01:33: Sarah’s health story and how I discovered the carnivore diet
05:15: Sarah’s fertility journey
07:13: Why do women tend to experience setbacks with the carnivore diet?
09:49: What is the infradian rhythm?
18:11: Is our willpower the culprit to food binges or is it our hormones?
19:58: Are women more willing to risk their health for weight loss than men?
24:00: How did Sarah lose weight during her fertility journey?
25:22: How often does Jonathan see low T3 levels in women?
28:57: How long does it take for your body to heal?
32:39: How does Sarah help menopausal women?
35:14: Should you only eat produce that is in season?
38:10: How important is deuterium depletion for our health?
40:54: How can the sun increase your metabolism?

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11 thoughts on “Do keto & carnivore diets cause thyroid trouble? Two nutritionists discuss: Johnathan Shane
  1. I've been reading up on my blood type, that really helps, to know your blood type, cause they react differently to food

  2. I'll be getting a full thyroid panel this summer and see how my numbers are doing. I've been faithful to everything you've taught me regarding resetting leptin but I'd be so nervous to add too much carb as I have a tendency to go off the rails. I hope I can stay mainly carnivore as that seems to be my body's happy place after 18 months of on again off again roller coaster after 2 years of carnivore. I feel great and my body is really responding so well, seeing sunrise, prioritizing morning light and all the things 😁. I want my Hashis to be gone!!!

    Thanks for all you do Sarah, this was a great interview!

  3. Holy crap i didn’t know the moon thing! I’m actually two days off from syncing with the new and full moon like you! Maybe when they sync perfectly is when I’ll conceive again 🙌

  4. So eating banana in January is not Ok, but eating avocado is Ok Even both grow in lower lat 🤯 where is your logic? How you’re picking this things?

  5. Carnivore has improved most everything for me except my vitiligo. My thyroid markers have improved. I’m sure for some people adding carbs is a great idea but for some of us adding carbs will cause a binge. I can’t moderate so I abstain from all sweet things and most carbs. I cheat on carnivore with ketovore by adding a veggie maybe once or twice a month.

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