Friday, September 22, 2023
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Q&A 456: Holistic Cancer Management, Supplements To Combine With Sunlight, & Constipation Hacking

In this Q&A episode, I’m discussing the self-assessment of change and experiences of individuals with breast cancer using integrative health. I’ll also get into the effects of tomato and lycopene on the body, digestive health, electrical stimulation suit efficacy, and much more!

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-Excellent article on holistic cancer management… 24:10

-Experimental pill achieves complete cancer remission in 18 people with aggressive leukemia – Could this potentially be the “cure for cancer”? I doubt it, but it seems highly effective in this small population studied (complete cancer remission!)…48:20

-This author makes a reasonable case for increasing DHA consumption, and it pairs particularly well with sunlight/red light therapy: The DHA Regimen…50:48

-So you’re tellin’ me tomatoes are edible sunscreen? The effect of tomato and lycopene on clinical characteristics and molecular markers of UV-induced skin deterioration: A systematic review and meta-analysis of intervention trials…55:39

-This actually works for constipation…I have done this in the past when traveling (which gives me constipation sometimes). I used a small massage ball for this, and essential oils help too: Abdominal Massage in Functional Chronic Constipation: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial: – here are different techniques: How to perform massage techniques to relieve constipation…59:30

-I always keep a tiny bottle of peppermint essential oil in my fanny pack as a digestive hack, and here’s yet another study that shows why that’s a good idea: Menthacarin, a proprietary peppermint oil, and caraway oil combination, improves multiple complaints in patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders – a systematic review and meta-analysis …65:00

-Cheap hack: peppermint oil and/or menthol spray to enhance lifting performance: Skin Application of Menthol Enhances Maximal Isometric Lifting Performance – here’s a podcast I did about this btw: How You Really Lose Fat (You’ll Be Surprised), How To Enhance Fat Loss Using Simple Breath Tactics, Plus Near Death Experiences, Psychedelics & More!)…1:05:24

-Audience question 1: Ben W. from IG asks: Why do you do extremely slow reps? Can you explain the main benefit?…1:08:45

-Audience question 2: Does full-body electrical muscle stimulation work?…1:18:20

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11 thoughts on “Q&A 456: Holistic Cancer Management, Supplements To Combine With Sunlight, & Constipation Hacking
  1. When it comes to fish oil, what about the fact that it oxidizes so quickly in heat, even minimal amount, and light?? The idea that it almost acts an antifreeze for the blood of cold water fish causes me to worry that it becomes rancid so quickly out of these cold temps, it could actually have deliterious effects. I am aware of capsules that come packed with asthazathin to try and counteract this oxidization but i still worry anything besides eating these fish raw, or maybe smoked, as soon as possible after catching will cause more bad then good. The science, and experts like yourself or dr. Mercola, Ray Peat, Dave Asprey, etc are all over the place when it comes to supplementing or not. Any thoughts about this issue?

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