Thursday, September 21, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Ultimate DISMANTLING of @Paulogia on Evidence for Evolution | Chromosome 2 Fusion Debunked!

Demolishing one of @Paulogia ‘s favorite lines of evidence for evolution (that type of evolution that says whales and strawberries are related).

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We believe that the Bible is true & can be put to the test for validity. We obviously know that the Bible has parables, allegories, poems, laws, short stories, genealogy, proverbs, sermons, prayers, prophecy, proverbial text, epistles, etc. But most importantly history. What we do is test the history spoken of in the Bible with science & let the evidence speak for itself. We discovered that the evidence is in favor of Creation which just so happens to falsify evolution theory. This is why they know we are a threat & must remove Creation science from the education system at any cost.

Evolution theory is nothing but an attempt to rule out God that mixes truth with lies. Hutton’s Book “Theory of the Earth” was published in 1795, it was designed to make the population doubt the Earth was 6,000 years old. Then Lyell’s (a lawyer) book “Principles of Geology” published in 1830, was designed to make the population doubt the Flood. Even in his words, it was to “rid the science of Moses”. Then in 1859 Darwin’s book “Origin of Species” was published which made people doubt Creation. Darwin said He murdered God. He used a step by step process to use secularism as the new religion.

I once believed in Evolution like most, but after I really began to uncover the evidence all that changed. Now I am here to unveil the deception we were all told was the truth. Let me give you a few examples of how the theory has already been falsified yet remains.

Head to Head Comparison
Genetic similarity vs No genetic similarity
Creation ✅Evolution ❌
Fast Mutation rates vs Slow Mutation rates over Deep Time
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Few mutations in Mitochondria vs Mitochondrial Mutation Saturation
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Rapid diversification via Punctuated Equilibrium vs Slow Deep time Gradualism
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Global Bottleneck Founder effect vs Evolutionary no bottleneck
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Genomic decay and loss vs Evolutionary Genome Increase
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Genetic boundaries vs Evolution no restrictions
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Taxonomically restricted DNA elements vs Evolutionary non-restricted differences
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
No Junk DNA vs Junk DNA
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
All one people vs Different Races
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Human/Chimp – Different chromosome numbers vs Same number of chromosomes
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
No Chromosome Fusion vs Chromosome Fusion
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Expect to find pre-flood creatures alive (Living fossils) vs Nothing ancient living
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Designed functional different anatomy Vs evolutionary remnant degenerate vestigial body parts
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Rapid speciation vs Slow Gradual speciation
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Disease Increase vs Disease Decrease
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Grass before dinosaurs vs Grass After dinosaurs
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
A single supercontinent vs Continents and oceans were permanently fixed features.
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Plate tectonics vs Continental Fixation
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Rapid Plate subduction vs Slow uniformitarianism subduction
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Dinosaur Soft Tissue vs No biological material
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
KT Boundary from volcanism vs KT boundary from Meteor Impact
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Original Ocean Freshwater vs Ocean came to earth from comets
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Neanderthals totally human vs Neanderthals a different species, primitive
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
The list goes on and on and on


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14 thoughts on “The Ultimate DISMANTLING of @Paulogia on Evidence for Evolution | Chromosome 2 Fusion Debunked!
  1. Ask any atheist, naturalist for documentation of any scientist, anybody, who can, has induced the 6 basic elements of living things to form a mini, warm little pond, prebiotic soup or whatever of amino acids sufficient for a single, average protein to form. They have never come close. The most cited experiments are the Urey Miller types. They never produced more than 23 out of 300 kinds of amino acids and never more than 12 of the 20 particular that are found in proteins. They can't, yet still claim something like a warm little pond (Darwin's words) formed 16.8 billion, arranging only 20 particular amino acids out of 300 kinds in their 100% left handed forms(except for the simplest, glycine) in the 42 million proteins in the simplest cell. Specifically sequenced and oriented in the thousands of different types of proteins in this cell, and that "warm little pond" managed exposed to all 98 naturally occurring elements.

  2. The 20 particular and exclusive amino acids are arranged as specific as letters in words. Consider the 20 amino acids as letters, spelling protein words that define their function and abilities to fold into their 3D shapes, randomly appearing and arranging themselves from a pool of 300 choices, all 100% lower case reflecting their lefthandedness. 16.8 billion letters spelling 42 million protein words(averaging 300-400 aa's) of thousands of different kinds. Coincidentally the minimum of 473 genes appearing with the coded instructions for their replication. The Encyclopedia Britannica has 206.8 million letters arranged in 44 million words averaging 4.7 letters I recommend the book: The Stairway to Life: An Origin of Life Realty Check by Han and Stadler.

  3. According to our current knowledge in genetics, life is based on a complex base 4 language, nearly 99.9% of DNA serves a function, all current humans come from 1 male and 1 female ancestor, adaptation is part of creation. Genetics fully supports creation.

  4. 📣 Part 2 is coming soon! Dismantling another of Paulogia's Three Best "Evidences" for Evolution. Next on the chopping block 🪵🪓 is Paulogia's scientific errors and ignorance on ERVs (Endogenous Retroviruses) 🧬🧍‍♂️🔁🦧❓️
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    The Endogenous Retrovirus Handbook: Dismantling the Best Evidence for Common Descent 📖 ->

  5. The evolution concept seem to be a derivative or a consequence from the metaphysical monism in philosophy but applied to a materialistic world view. In the Bible we have a metaphysical dualism with two separate kind of being, a creator being that we call God and a created being that we call Universe and all the creatures who lived in it. It make more sense than the monism in philosophy where everything that exist is consider to be one.

  6. That someone can be this intelligent (which I believe this uploader is) yet think the Earth is 6000 years old, and that woman was created from the rib of a fella, is mind boggling. Then there’s the 900 year old fella Noah who single handedly built a humongous boat (with nothing remotely close to that size seen again until Brunel’s transatlantic steam ships (that required thousands of men to construct) in early Victorian England…so a complete pause in development for 6 millennia) that was filled with such luminaries as T-Rex, kangaroo and the dodo. Simple folk who believe this stuff I get, they are largely devoid of critical thinking and will follow anyone and anything (the atheist Trump being a prime example of someone easily led people follow), but someone with the capacity to actually think, use logic and question things, it’s completely baffling.

  7. A creationist with no science degree speaking condescendingly about gutsick gibbon with a PhD and the whole science community is truly sickening. This Donny has some disturbing narcissistic characteristics that's untrustworthy. I couldn't even continue passed 6 minutes of his ego trip. 🤮

  8. If you haven’t spent much time on this topic other than what you get from the media, the secular education system and your government grant funded scientific consensus then it’s not surprising that you would be baffled by people reaching a different conclusion than what the culture has pumped into our brains 24/7. We hear the secular world views repeated as if they were facts recorded by observers millions of years ago and we are given no reason to question them. If anyone deviates from the narrative they will be painted with the same brush used to denounce lunatics.

    Yet after studying this issue for the last 30 years after getting my Biology degree I have found that the descriptions given to us in the Bible are more reasonable than what amounts to nothing exploding and creating everything. After examining all of the parts that have to go together to make life and beyond that, intelligent life, we are faced with a dilemma.

    On the one hand we have a higher intelligence as the author of life that produces the proof of the power over life and death by raising from the dead. While at first glance the reliance upon a miracle as evidence seems to be offensive to our intelligence. Yet any god that doesn’t provide ANY proof of the capacity to do miracles can’t be considered to be a God.

    On the other hand we rely on our Big Bang cosmology to explain Abiogenesis when both of these hypotheses have not been observed and mechanically break down under closer scrutiny. The only substitute for God in the story fails to meet the basic criteria for being a successful creative entity. Hence since we lack a NATURAL process we can identify that creates order out of chaos and life from nonliving matter then it is not a natural process but a supernatural process. The only evidence that we have of a sufficient supernatural cause is the life of a man named Jesus who performed miracles and had the power of resurrection.

    The only reason that we don’t just see that and accept that Jesus is God as He claimed to be is that it’s offensive. In fact we can note here that Christ was so offensive that He produced such a bias among men, and was such a threat to the power structure that he was executed even though they couldn’t find anything that He had done wrong.

    We don’t often get to see such a clear glimpse into the minds of men, corrupted by their own power, that they have no restraint in eliminating the threat. Jesus turned the power structures over onto their heads. Maybe you could look and see if perhaps that the same corrupt power is alive and well in our modern day and age. If anyone would be bold enough to stand against it then they would be destroyed. If it isn’t prudent to execute them then they would have the legal system weaponized against them.

    Perhaps people don’t see it because they don’t want to be persecuted along with them. Perhaps they aren’t willing to accept that the ones in power really don’t have their best interests in mind. If you were to even try to write about it then you would be censored. The only way to get the word out would be to write it almost as fiction like in the book “Animal Farm”. Maybe you would have to tell the story like in “The Wizard of Oz” where he couldn’t just tell people that their sovereignty was being stolen by the Central Banks. He would have to say something like “follow the yellow brick road” instead of “follow the money” if you really want to see who’s pulling the levers of power. But if you start down that road you may find that everything you were being told was designed by the same people who own the banks, own the media, designed and control education, pay for the politicians to get elected, and give grants to the science departments that will make people believe that they came from an explosion.

    How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go to learn why someone who is intelligent doesn’t believe the narrative written by the people in power who are trying to eliminate their competition? Are you willing to suspend your own disbelief long enough to see that it’s not just one piece of evidence that that’s pointing to God but it’s an entire tapestry and the general population is not even aware that the tapestry even exists and they don’t even know to look for it?

    The thing is that once you see it then you can see it everywhere. It’s like a fish that starts to go find out what water is only to discover that it was swimming in water the whole time. That’s how divorced our society has become to the knowledge of God and so they miss it even though God is in all of it as much as a fish is in water and the fish can’t see it. From our laws to our names, from our definitions of words to our calendars- it’s everywhere- but we don’t see it until we see it. God is hidden in plain sight.

  9. So unimaginably funny that youngearthcreation thinks they are actually making sense he’s entire argument is about boasting how the other side is wrong without giving any actual evidence because he’s making a little world for himself picking up any small bits of data that remotely prove he’s point but ignoring the other data which completely debunks everything he stands for , Evolution for the win! 17:39 ironic of you to say that when you are doing it ur self

  10. Oh, please, Creationists have been desperately trying to poke holes in evolution for almost 200 years, only to watch helplessly as it continued to amass innumerable evidence from multidisciplinary sources, all converging to the single consensus that it's a unifying principle of biology and an inescapable fact of reality.

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