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Mitochondrial Health



Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), otherwise known as ubiquinone, is a fat-soluble nutrient, important role in free radical scavenging and mitochondrial synthesis of ATP via the electron transport chain. CoQ10 has been regarded as anti-aging due to ability to reduce oxidative stress and energy production.
Body stores about 0.5 to 1.5 g of CoQ10 and can synthesize it from tyrosine.


CoQ10 deficiencies are found with aging, genetics, cardiomyopathy, fibromyalgia and liver cirrhosis.

Statin will also deplete CoQ10

CoQ10 can be produced in the body or synthesized by bacteria.

Anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, and pain
Cardio protection and cardiac function
Exercise tolerance and performance
Fatigue and depression
Glucose and lipid modulation

Ubiquinone-gel cap with a lipid carrier soy oil or MCT
There are water soluble forms available.
Addition of Piperine can increase bioavailability by 30%

Ubiquinol: CoQ10 is converted to ubiquinol prior to circulation.
~2 to 3 more bioavailable.
Kaneka is the sole manufacturer of ubiquinol.

Considered safe.
½ life 33 hours
100 mg of CoQ10 per 20 mg of a statin medication.

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20 thoughts on “CoQ10—UBIQUINONE
  1. this sounds so interesting but supplements make me nervous. I am so sensitive, recently someone told me to steep a little parlsey for tea for kidney health. I had some extreme reaction to the parsley! It flattened me. I was so sick with this horrible urinary urgency and uterine cramps. This is just from a little parsley haha. Yikes. Be careful folks.

  2. I actually gave it to my dog that had a very weak heart after having parvovirus as a puppy. He was six years when his heart medication did not manage to do the job by itself. It was like a miracle❤ he want from hardly beeing able to breath or walk to becoming a young studd- finally ruining after the ladies again…Even his grey hair got black again! He was 12-13 years when he lifted of this plane…..amagine that- al due to 30 mg q10 each day in addition to the regular one pill of the heart medication🎉

  3. Dear doc , can you please provide online consultancy regarding autoimmune disorders, and metabolic issues … like hashimotos diseases and ra , also regarding supplements basic to be taken, iron deficiency anemia in vegans. Thanks

  4. I read that certain inherited genes caused the deficiency of co q 10 with statins. Maybe it is better to avoid added sugar and oil. Can you get this co enzyme from foods? I feel like it might be best if you can avoid statins by going on a plant based diet like the one Dr. Esselstyn has for reversing or preventing heart disease. Thank you! It was an interesting discussion.

  5. Co q10 is essential for all heart patients or statin takers I’ve been taking it now for several years after I had a heart attack myself I’m also on heart slowing beta blockers without the co q10 I would have no energy at all and wouldn’t get out the chair.

  6. I've heard Marion Holman talk about Statins causing Mitochondrial energy weakening all over the body. Older people suffering from Muscle weakness, pain, and stiffness. More advanced forms of Statin Toxicity has been shown to worsen Dementia and Alzheimer's in older people. Also, they struggle to create sufficient amounts of necessary hormones. That's why the Japanese stopped testing super statins because they lead to detrimental health outcomes.

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