Saturday, September 30, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Creationist Gets This COMPLETELY Wrong!!! ft. Genesis Apologetics

In this video, we analyze three recent short videos by Genesis Apologetics. They cover the topics of abiogenesis, epigenetics, and mitochondrial DNA.

First, we venture into the realm of abiogenesis, where we explore the scientific hypothesis of life’s emergence from non-living matter. Discover the groundbreaking experiments, like the Miller-Urey experiment, that has revealed how simple organic molecules, such as amino acids, can form under conditions similar to the early Earth. Learn about the ongoing research and theories that seek to unravel the intricate web of chemical evolution, leading us closer to understanding the transformative journey from inanimate matter to the spark of life.

Next, we delve into the captivating field of epigenetics, where we uncover the hidden influences that shape our genes and traits. Explore the concept of epigenetic modifications, chemical tags that attach to our DNA and histones, affecting gene expression without altering the DNA sequence itself. Learn about DNA methylation and histone modifications, and how these processes can turn genes on or off, influencing our development, health, and response to the environment. Gain insights into the interplay between nature and nurture, as we uncover the impact of lifestyle, environment, and experiences on our epigenetic marks.

Finally, we turn our attention to mitochondrial Eve, a remarkable figure in human evolution. Delve into the story of our maternal ancestry and the concept of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Discover how the study of mtDNA has unveiled a shared maternal lineage traced back to a single woman who lived thousands of years ago in Africa. Understand the significance of mitochondrial Eve as a common ancestor and the insights it provides into our human history, migration patterns, and genetic diversity.

Embark on this captivating scientific exploration as we delve into the depths of abiogenesis, epigenetics, and mitochondrial Eve. Unlock the secrets of our origin, the complexities of gene expression, and the remarkable interconnectedness of all living beings. Join us in this thought-provoking journey as we unravel the extraordinary tales that have shaped our existence.

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22 thoughts on “Creationist Gets This COMPLETELY Wrong!!! ft. Genesis Apologetics
  1. What's Up Heathens!

    What did you think of Genesis Apologetics arguments against evolution? Do you think that they are solid or do you think they are lacking something. Let me know what y'all think!

    If you missed tuesday's video about why Flat Earth theories are completely ridiculous, check it out here:

  2. Nature has laws. Energy systems invite processes to evolve that make use of the difference between higher and lower energies. These creations keep following the physical laws, perfecting that difference between higher and lower energy states (for example a high energy water spout in an ocean, compared to the colder environment surrounding it) . Eventually propagation commences (chance multiplied by a few billion years). This then triggers the "miracle" of life. Life is essentially inevitable, just statistically it HAS TO BE.

  3. Obviously, not a real science teacher, or an actual high school. There have been several of these fake scenarios, posted by creationists websites. They are trying to poison the minds, of bright young people, with their unfounded stupid, creationist beliefs. It is absolutely disgusting, to say the least.

  4. If it was me scripting this for Genesis Apologetics, I’d have made everyone stand up, hoist this brilliant student on their shoulders and carry him to Church.

    If I was to rewrite the script for GE, I’d have the teacher throw up her hands and say “gimme a break, Billy Joe Jim Bob! This is Mississippi, one of the WORST states for education and I’m just teaching what they tell me to teach! I’m just as fucking stupid as you!

  5. I see life come from non-life every single day.

    A plant takes in carbon dioxide and minerals (non-life) and creates from that it's own structure (life).

    A corn stalk might weigh one pound early in its life. But when it becomes five pounds in weight, it's gained 4 pounds of biomass FROM NON-LIFE.

  6. Weird how Godless Engineer has multiple instances where he says multiple times the same or similar thing, at first I thought I was accidentally rewinding the video somehow. A mistake in teleprompter or editing?

  7. My first question would be "What the fuck makes you think you can sit there using your cell phone in my class and then hijack my class to publicly read a bunch of stupid shit you found on the internet?"
    Followed by "Does anyone here want to answer this dipshit's questions? No? If no one can answer the question, clearly no one has been paying attention. Okay, for homework, everyone now has to write a paper explaining why what came out of Mr. Moron's mouth here is wrong. Include your sources. And don't forget to thank him for the assignment."

  8. * did you eventually explain the replicated sequences (like 4:48 / 4:56+5:11 / 18:20)? Because if you did, i missed it. :-s

    * 13:54 as i understand the terms, 'propagate' is mainly for "abilities"/"features" to stay relevant through time. You probably should stick with 'procreate' for species and organisms.

    * 20:37 eve is not the farthest back, there very well could be more information before her, but she's the one at the (most recent) point where the currently-still-existing people's lineages diverged from one another.

  9. Matter rearranging into different arrangements of matter is not non life "spontaneously" turning into life. Creationists get to hung up on the concept of "life".

  10. While it doesn't address the apologists' claims in the video, there's a really tedious trope at play here.
    Savant (possibly home schooled) apologist debates and bests the academic…during a lecture!

    I'm sure not sure if any of the apologists who churn out this disingenuous tripe have ever attended a university, but that's not how it fucking works
    You'd be told, politely, to stfu.

    Maybe in a small group tutorial there would be the possibility of back and forth discussion, but I'm not aware of this sort of lengthy exchange happening in a lecture. An individual hogging the time to expound their own ideology would be wasting everyone else's time, and derailing the necessary coursework.

    But of course realism isn't the point. The trope is to show to fellow apologists just how smart they are over the dastardly academic who is trying to brainwash young people. The apologist becomes a hero vanquishing an agent of Satan.

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