Thursday, September 21, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

I bought a $1,300 Anti-Aging face cream. Is it worth it?

Have you ever wondered if these expensive anti-aging creams even work? Join me on my journey of trying Sisley’s LaCure 4 week anti-aging treatment and share the results.

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One thought on “I bought a $1,300 Anti-Aging face cream. Is it worth it?
  1. Could your skin get any better? You always seem radiant and I can't imagine you eating anyway but cleanly

    I'll watch this again but did you mention that it is a four-week treatment or is their product left? If you notice a big difference then I guess it is worth it. Have you ever heard of the extra t nine patch by lifewave? I tried it for a long time and I have to admit it made my skin different because it works on the mitochondria using light to activate your stem cell production copper peptides from the inside:)

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