Monday, September 25, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Nestle Demands Supplement Removal

TAKE ACTION at Natural Products Association and have your comments forwarded to Congress.

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49 thoughts on “Nestle Demands Supplement Removal
  1. Nestle is one of many chocolate companies tested to find Lead in their products. I never will eat chocolate again. Knowing they know of this is very telling of the company in general.

  2. Just google nestle and water extraction to find loads of articles where Nestle takes water worldwide and creates a lot of issues. It doesn’t surprise me that they try to push competition out of other profit promising business fields like in this case with DNA. Thanks for your informative channel, Marcel. May the force be with you in DC, hope your journey will be successful 🍀

  3. Thank you Marcel for reporting this reprehensible behavior of Nestle. See my reply comment below concerning Nestle boycott. We can live without them but they cannot live without us if we get sufficient support. We often overlook our own collective power. So easy to do. 👍❤️

  4. I think the FDA is aiming for a precedent, which in turn should point the way and serve as a template for further developments.

    Actually simple, but i think their goal is exactly that.

  5. So this is the email that we all got and gives us no information on what legal basis they are asserting. This is BS. And the fact that do not age does capitulated means that they’re not going to be in it for the long run because this just set a precedent and all these big companies will shut them down. Which unfortunately will hurt all of us. They either fight this fight or they don’t and if they don’t they’re not gonna be around. Saying they’re investing in other future products is nonsense because they won’t be around long enough to provide them and then if they do come up with some thing another big company will just steal it. They either invest in the legal team that’s going to get them the protection they deserve because it doesn’t sound like Nestlé has a legal eyelash to stand on, or bye-bye

  6. Why don't they add it to pomegranate seed concentrate wouldn't that be a work around. I would be willing to sell urolithin A. I have no respect for Nestle and would let them sue me. Given a constant and changing group of suppliers might be the way to take on the plutocratic Nestle.

  7. Thank you for doing this. NMN has literally saved my life. I suffered from Long Covid for a long time and lots of health issues from Covid that doctors could not help me at all. Once i started taking NMN and other DNA supplements i started to feel better again and whenever I stop taking it i start having health issues again so i'm still dealing from damage from having Covid before the vaccine was available. And scares me that they may make it prescription only, because till they approve it for sale again I wont' be able to have a normal life without it. Thanks for going there to fight for all of us. God bless you!

  8. F corporations….and those private wealthy people who control most of the wealth. It turns out the top 3 individuals (men) who control the most wealth pay an effective tax rate of about 3.5%. Let that sink in…..Vote against the Republican agenda (forcing austerity) on the rest of us.

  9. Is there a comparable Urolithin A supplement out there to what DoNotAge offered? I see that they sold out of what they had, but doing a search for the supplement brings up other companies. I just want to make sure I am not supporting Nestle by ordering any for a company owned by them, and also, I'd like to have some idea if the supplement from other companies is pure. I wonder if Nestle intends on taking action against other companies that sell this supplement, or if they already have. Codeage would appear to be one of them, but I do not know if they are owned by Nestle.

  10. I am not going to buy any Nestle products.
    Why did America allowed the Nestle to buy the Pure Encapsulated products.
    Why do we allow them to buy .
    Last Year they wanted to Take NAC OFF THE market.
    For years the European tried to Ban and regulate IS our supplements trough UN committee CODEX. We faught them now they decided to biy the co that make supplements and make it inaccessible to people permanently .

  11. Our rights are taken from us by other adults we vote for in the whole world. Who gives another adult the right to decide what to eat, what to use??? Hiding under protection. I do not smoke nor drink although they are not banned. Banning rather make people buy things in black market, which rather put them at risk. Bann of Alkohol in the 20's killed so many people rather than protect anyone. Banning does nothing, but put some people in jail. They just suddenly make others criminals who want something and they said no. They may start making Sugar illegal, since they want to so called protect people.

  12. I saw someone on Instagram write that. I thought I hVe to come check here asap. Ofcourse. E the giants are attacking us. They want us to be sick.

  13. A comment on "others" there are 19k papers on Nitric Oxide in the FDA library an "other" body producing molecule that has be used to treat babies in incubators for over 25 years with no adverse affects, 5,000 blind trials, poven to work well with other messenger gases like H2 and Angelis salt, to work so well together that the FDA financial support an open source device to be designed by the Chinese (don't scratch your head) you see as open source it's will never be commercialised like the Massachusetts hospital one in 2016, China may not respect patents cos their courts don't. But now, iNO, a $657m market is owned by the hospital gas bottle providers. And the Satin drug providers reap more rewards.

  14. They want all supplements to be obtainable by prescription only, just like how they want all food under patent so that you can't grow it freely.

  15. Hello, is there a kind of petition available to make Nestlé attack on Urolithin A more known? They don’t like bad image. Maybe they can step back ?
    Thanks to uncover all that! Cost of life is a big subject in Europ now. And what do they do ? Protect companies that make life more expensive !

  16. We really need protection against those who wish to deny us our right to look after our own health and it's time that someone set up a worldwide organisation that would have the clout to do so. I will look into ways of bringing this about, but in the meantime there may be other things we can all do, such as contacting the office of fair trading, competition (monopolies) commission or even watchdog. I was lucky enough to have purchased a years supply of Urolithin A just before DNA was forced to stop selling it. Any suggestions as to how we can protect our right to buy would be welcome.

  17. Thank you Marcel. I had caught COVID for the second time (despite all the vaccines I could get)
    and though "mild" (strong flu-like symptoms) I had COVID fingers and toe: numbness, red-purple coloration, itchiness. Those symptoms are still there along with tiredness (the worst part as an academic who needs an alert brain). In other words, I have long COVID, 27 months after the first infection. In February I re-ordered NMN plus TMG and Fisetin , from Do Not Age, and the itchy red bumps I had on by knuckles disappeared within a week. I feel more energy and concentration, although not yet perfect. It is ironic that the FDA and David Sinclair are more interested in their groundless arguments than in peoples' well-being!
    Keep up the fight!

  18. Follow up…..there's more to it than DNA's email reveals. "Nestlé Health Science invests in global strategic partnership with Amazentis to develop its new cellular nutrient Urolithin A" Amazentis have patented Urolithin A technology. Other suppliers provide extracts from pomegranites or strawberries etc which help our bodies produce Urolithin A. Mitopure, from Amazentis is a Urolithin A supplement, the first of it's kind, so DNA's product violates many patents.

  19. Thank you Marcel for all your work for health freedom and for all the information you provide. I have found your information to be very valuable.

    I would like to find a source of pure Urolithin A (other than Nestle). Are there any company's that are standing up to them (and selling Urolithin A) that you trust? Fellow subscribers, do any of you have a source that you trust?

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