Friday, September 22, 2023
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Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Replication – D loop Replication (deep-dive video)

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Mitochondrial DNA is replicated independently of the nuclear DNA. But mitochondria depends on the proteins made from the information in nuclear DNA. It replicates via D loop formation through a strand displacement mechanism initiated at OriH. The helicase TWINKLE and DNA Polymerase Gamma drive the initiation of the major arc, which activates the OriL through a stem loop structure. Finally, DNA polymerase circles back to the origin and terminates replication. While this sounds simple, many aspects of the mtDNA replication are not clearly understood – this video discussion also highlights the many gaps in our knowledge concerning mtDNA replication.

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00:00 mtDNA structure
02:43 mtDNA enzymes
04:37 mtDNA replication
05:58 OriH initiation
09:42 D-loop regulation
11:44 OriL initiation
14:22 OriL termination
15:19 OriH termination

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