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Mitochondrial Health

Breaking News : Shocking rise in Heart Attack : What you need to know …. #heartattack #disease

In 1990 , almost 2.26 million people suffered from.Hear Attack and in 2020, almost 4.47 million people ..
Heart Attack has become a new trend these days .
It has become very common in younger generation .
The reasons are as follows :
1) Chronic Stress and Sleep deprivation
They are the biggest reason behind the rising number of Heart attacks today .
People think…it’s normal now a days , not to be able to sleep properly and having stress. No, it’s not normal.
Sleep deprivation causes inflammation in the heart.
What is Inflammation – when there is injury in the body,your body heals itself..there will be redness, swelling – these are the symptoms of inflammation. But , if we continue to injure that area for months and years , it will never be able to heal and in future, one might have to go for amputation of the area .
Similarly, when we don’t sleep or take extreme stress, we create inflammation in the heart.
That leads to Heart Attack.
You can do meditation, yoga , talk to your loved ones or spend some time in the park to mange your stress and sleep .
2) Overtraining and under recovery
I have seen people over doing their workouts. It’s imp to exercise but plz don’t overdo it . Listen to your body when it’s fatigued and demands rest .
We don’t workout on a inflamed body .
I have seen people , they are exerted after a long trip and they hit the gym immediately. Bad idea .let. The body regain its strength and energy before you begin workout .
3) Mitochondrial Dysfunction.
COVID virus affects us at Mitochondrial level
Mitochondria is an organelle in every cell, the function is to produce energy from glucose and oxygen.
The reason, why we feel fatigued after COVID infection is that COVID virus hijacks mitochondria. It’s imp. To replenish our nutrients, bring our energy level back by bringing the lifestyle changes before we hit the gym.
4) Diabetes and Uncontrolled BP.
If you have diabetes and Uncontrolled High BP…you are double the risk of having Cardiovascular disease. Popping pills is going to suppress the symptoms.. you will have bring changes in lifestyle in order to reduce the chances of having Cardiovascular disease


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