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Breeding Patterns: Lines, Clans and Mobs. Breeding and Genetics for Small Farms Part 3

Greetings! This is the third in the breeding/genetics for small farms series, and in it we will discuss the details of Line breeding, clan/family/spiral breeding, and mob/random breeding! The discussion is a compare and contrast covering the details of each method, what each does well, and where each fails. This video is intended to provide of survey of the main breeding techniques in common use, but the constraints of time do force simplification, and while this will help you understand and choose the best method for you and your farm, further study will be needed to execute said method properly. Since this is the third instalment and it leans heavily on the fundamentals presented in the first two videos, here is a link to the playlist containing them!

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0:00 Intro
3:47 Purebred vs. hybrid
7:45 Test crossing
12:16 Line breeding, explanation
16:06 History of the “cocker’s system”
25:40 Genetic burden; test cross within a line
35:27 Clan breeding
52:30 Mob breeding
1:09:13 Up next, outcrossing/hybridisation


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