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This ingredient kills more people than diabetes every year and nobody talks about it.”

Oil is a food item that, while seemingly harmless, can become lethal in excessive quantities. Heart disease is one of the main causes of death worldwide, and overconsumption of oil can increase the risk of it. This is partially due to the marketing of products such as Crisco, which have led us to believe that vegetable oils are healthy and superior to animal fats.

Heart disease, alongside cancer and traffic accidents, is among the three main causes of mortality globally. Though several factors contribute to this illness, such as smoking, lack of physical activity, and excessive alcohol consumption, oil consumption also plays a significant role. This rings a global alarm bell, as it is a more lethal food than sugar.

Why is there such a high incidence of cardiovascular diseases worldwide? One of the reasons is that we didn’t consume as much vegetable oil in the past as we do now. Instead of using natural fats like butter, we use processed vegetable oils that contain trans fats and other health-damaging components.

Even butter, once considered a healthy staple, has been impacted by this trend towards vegetable oil consumption. Most butter sold in markets today is processed and contains trans fats.

Previously, we consumed saturated fats in a more controlled manner and didn’t encounter as many problems, but the excessive consumption of vegetable oil is what’s truly affecting us. Moreover, reusing cooking oil is even worse, as it breaks down and turns into harmful chemicals for our bodies. The truth is that the deadliest food of all is not sugar as previously thought.

How can you cook without vegetable oil? There are many healthy alternatives that you can use, such as coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. You can also use fresh herbs and spices to flavor your food, rather than relying on oil to do so.

Symptoms of excessive oil consumption can include weight gain, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol levels. If you want to improve your health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, it’s important to limit your oil consumption and seek healthier alternatives.

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27 thoughts on “This ingredient kills more people than diabetes every year and nobody talks about it.”
  1. Soy mimics female estrogen. Baby formula contains soy. Baby boys grow up with man boobies. Or become feminine. Also, soy in senior protein shakes.

  2. Just lost one of my step brothers who was 14 years younger than me. Haven't received the official cause of death yet but we're pretty sure it was his diabetes. I got to thinking about it and remembered that he was 50 percent Ojibwe on his Mother's side. Just a few generations ago, his Ojibwe ancestors were eating fish caught out of Lake Superior, deer and small game. In the tiny growing season of southern Canada/northern Minnesota there would be some berries and wild veggies… maybe a little wild rice. I don't believe that humans were ever engineered to thrive on cereal grains, nor copious amounts of fruits and vegetables.
    My brother might still be alive today if he hadn't accepted the "science" of modern, western nutrition.

  3. Thank you for this video. I quit using seed oils for a while now. I only use olive oil now. I haven't warmed up to coconut oil yet as I'm not sure how to use it and with what foods.

  4. I subscribe doc thanks for helping people because nowadays foods are becoming toxic if we are no aware of its contents & purpose to our body.

  5. Amen brother. The only types of oil we buy are avocado and olive. Once in a while when I make Mongolian beef, I use a little bit of sesame seed oil. But other than that we use olive oil, avocado oil, and some cocoa nut oil. We have not used canola oil for years. Thank you!

  6. Canola oil used to b called rapeseed oil, but no one was buying it, FYI. I don't trust corporate food, FDA, or government recommendations. Their food pyramid is upside down.

  7. I prefer to cook from scratch and when I do eat prepared foods, I always read the labels. Much of prepared foods contain too much oil, sugar, fat and unnatural addatives.
    I do have some seed oils in my kitchen, but I use them only sparingly, I use olive oil and butter more often and because I don't eat takeaway food, more than a few times a year. I don't feel I have a problem. It's all about portion size too, and as a Brit and being over 60, I'm not used to eating large portions or frying every day.

  8. My mom died from Mazola corn oil. I read that seed oil affects the pancreas. She had pancreatic cancer. The corn oil was always on the counter. She cooked with it for 40 years.

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