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๐Ÿ”ฅ#MESScience 4: Review of COVID-19 “Virus” Isolation Paper

In #MESScience 4 I go over a thorough review of the main paper claiming isolation of the “virus” that causes COVID-19. I also go over an overview of the mainstream narrative on COVID-19 and the supposed cases and death figures. I ask the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT to give me a link to the “main paper” on COVID-19 “virus” isolation, to which it gives out the paper titled “A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019” by Zhu et al published on January 24, 2020 in The New England Journal of Medicine:

I go over every sentence of the above paper, provide context, and expand on technical terms where necessary. I also go over an overview of the mainstream explanation on nucleic acids, genomes, and cell theory to better grasp the claims in the paper. In the paper, a handful of patients from Wuhan, China on December 2019 reported pneumonia (or inflammation of the lungs) of “unknown cause”, to which the China Center of Disease Control (China CDC) sent a rapid response team to investigate. The paper outlines the results of the investigation.

After examining the paper in detail, it is clear that there are more assumptions than actual common sense isolation of a “virus”. The paper specifies genetic sequencing technology was used as the basis for their claim of a new “virus”, and they do this by looking for common sequences of other “coronaviruses” in global databases. The physical laboratory experiments performed involved taking patient airway lung fluid, then mixing with chemicals, centrifuging, and assuming the supernatant has the “virus” inside. The supernatant and cell cultures were then heavily processed, stained with heavy metals, embedded in resin, cut in ultrathin sections, and then placed in high-powered electron microscopes. The results show blurry, dead, black and white particles, which are assumed to be the “virus”. In my opinion, the paper was not convincing in the slightest that any actual particle was “isolated”, and much less a “disease causing virus”. Further study will be required to examine the genetic sequencing science that is used to claim the existence of these so-called “viruses”.

The topics covered as well as their timestamps are listed below.

– Introduction: 0:00
– #MESScience Video Series: 1:25
– MES Research Note: 2:51
– Topics to Cover: 3:25
1. Mainstream Overview of COVID-19: 5:10
2. ChatGPT on the Main Paper on COVID Virus Isolation: 18:47
3. Paper: A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019: 21:37
4. Paper Abstract: 23:30
– Summary: 33:32
5. Paper Introduction: 34:40
– Summary: 46:31
6. Quick Overview of Nucleic Acids and Genomes: 48:26
7. Paper Methods
– Detecting “Viruses”: 58:43
– Summary: 1:10:07
– Isolating the “Virus”: 1:13:04
– Summary: 1:33:39
– Electron Microscope Preparation: 1:37:01
– Summary: 1:46:11
– Sequencing the “Virus”: 1:48:11
– Summary: 1:55:43
– RNA Assumed to be from a “Virus”: 1:56:48
– Summary: 2:00:09
8. Paper Results
– Patient Results: 2:01:34
– Summary: 2:09:16
– Detection and Isolation of a New “Virus”: 2:10:57
– Summary: 2:27:33
– Genetic Characterization of the “Virus”: 2:33:19
– Summary: 2:42:35
9. Paper Discussion: 2:44:08
– Summary: 2:55:01
10. MES Summary: 2:58:10
– MES Conclusions: 3:10:08

Stay tune for #MESScience Part 5…

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3 thoughts on “๐Ÿ”ฅ#MESScience 4: Review of COVID-19 “Virus” Isolation Paper
  1. In #MESScience 4 I go over a sentence-by-sentence review of the main paper on COVID-19 โ€œvirusโ€ isolation and determine that there was no actual โ€œisolationโ€ being done. I also do an overview of the mainstream narrative of the COVID-19 โ€œpandemicโ€ as well as briefly cover mainstream genetic science.

    View video notes on the Hive blockchain:

    View video sections playlist:

    View the full #MESScience series:

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