Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Clinical Insights: Mold, Parasites, Skin, Supplements, What Doesn’t Work, Rogan’s Guests

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Darren Schmidt, D.C.
00:00 Introduction
00:41 origin story
05:44 Nutrition thinking
14:23 Lactic Acidosis explanation
24:36 What to do about it
26:18 Find and fix mold in body + house
30:05 Parasites
35:03 Fasting vs. Eating Meat
38:56 Mediterranean Diet
41:30 Paul Saladino skin parasites
44:23 Supplements that work
46:03 Directed care / Process
48:14 Social Media Getting Smarter
50:38 Takeaway
52:25 The Books, Too
53:44 How To Find


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14 thoughts on “Clinical Insights: Mold, Parasites, Skin, Supplements, What Doesn’t Work, Rogan’s Guests
  1. I always wondered about my veins on my hands! Do parasites cause lactic acidosis? Or how do they contribute? Finishing first year of eliminating parasites..I am sure I have at least another year to go. I am struggling to get in ketosis yet 100% carnivore for 30 days.

  2. I had candida for many years. I saw on you tube that 741 solfeggio frequency (free) claimed it could remove parasites, viruses, bacteria and some other things. Well I am open to try new things so I turned it on all night while I slept and I am now a believer. Best part was no detox symptoms. It took a month at least. Try it.

  3. To rid of parasites, one must use ivermectin, fenbendazole, and other drugs. Wormwood not strong enough.
    Mimosa pudica does help clear out dead parasites.
    Im going to add that cellcore does have the best supplements. I take para 1

  4. TikTok is a CCP owned & operated platform.

    Too late for me regarding Facebook, but I’m not voluntarily gonna give the CCP more data.

    Good stuff though. Darren is by far one of my favorite doctors around.

  5. For those interested in the events of WW2 and the National Socialists, I highly recommend historian John Wear’s book, ‘Germany’s War.’

    Also, for a balanced treatment of the German people during WW2, I highly recommend Benton Bradberry’s book, ‘The Myth of German Villainy,’ which sets the record straight.

    And on Hitler himself, see the two outstanding books: Richard Tedor, ‘Hitler’s Revolution,’ and the great military historian, RHS Stolfi, ‘Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny.’

    Just as people are ignorant of nutrition and supplements, so also are they horrifically ignorant of Adolf Hitler, the National Socialists, and the events surrounding WW2.

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