Friday, September 22, 2023
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COVID Stats Consistently Changing (Paul Bork)

COVID Stats Consistently Changing (Paul Bork)

Our resident statistician Paul Bork discusses the consistently changing COVID stats. Let’s listen in.

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33 thoughts on “COVID Stats Consistently Changing (Paul Bork)
  1. As a nurse of 32 years i understand atleast the pressures a Dr would feel through questions from potential patients . I have the utmost respect for Dr Been and so much appreciate his teachings .

  2. I got sick about a month ago. Finally getting over a cough with hella mucus. I’m so damn tired again fatigue is so bad and negative tests! So idk what I got but felt like Covid and I’ve been around people that tested positive and never showed symptoms ! And yes it would be my second or third time

  3. Ask dr been the difference between mrna and mod-rna….these jabs are mod not m……phizer doc states these are mod….fully synthetic not natural

  4. India skipped first wave because they treated with ivermectin…others are Vax spikes perhaps after first wave started vaccination…..coincidence??

  5. how much you want to Bet the China outbreak man was a political enemy and or low social score😂 Communism only can continue with their leftist Totalitarian LIES!

  6. Why were the numbers so bad at the beginning? Why were there so many discrepancies between different states, regions, countries? What was occurring and what were the causes and contributing factors? Please analyze and discuss. The numbers alone don’t mean much.

  7. Will medicine ever go back and look at the treatments that were done early on, and the care provided, that contributed to the numbers? Will quality of care and medical decision making, and treatments pushed at the beginning ever be analyzed for root cause?

  8. Husb does data analytic consulting incl 35+ yrs in health care and says:

    1/ data can be ‘massaged’ and reported in ways to hilite or hide what you want, and

    2/ reports and stats are only as good as the raw data their based on.

    Interesting video. Thanks.

  9. Ohio’s most recent Covid dashboard (published weekly) is all over the place. 1,600 cases the past 7 days and -7 deaths. Yes, negative 7. There are 11 million people in Ohio.

  10. RE Long COVID: Yes, after nearly two years, not being able to do much at all is the "new normal." Taking my now needed wheelchair everywhere, not going on decent walks with the dog, not going far or many places at all. Living on zoom and youtube . . .

  11. The question I have is whether the old data is being changed as the months foes on. Like how US economic data is revised months after it is published to make the current data look better (downgrading the old news so they can pump up the current reports).

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