Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Robert Lustig, MD “Hateful-Grateful 8” a conversation with Ron Najafi, CEO – Emery Pharma

Robert Lustig, MD discusses his previous presentation at Emery Pharma with the CEO of Emery Pharma, Ron Najafi, Ph.D. In summary, Dr. Lustig discusses the rise of type 2 diabetes in children and challenges the notion that it is a chronic, unrelenting, and genetic disease. He argues that the increase in type 2 diabetes is due to exposure to certain factors, primarily ultra-processed foods containing high amounts of sugar, trans fats, and other substances that affect Liver, the microbiome and promote inflammation. Dr. Lustig also emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between metabolically healthy and unhealthy obesity and suggests biomarkers such as waist circumference, fasting insulin levels, uric acid levels, and ALT levels to assess metabolic health. Regarding statins, Dr. Lustig acknowledges their effectiveness for secondary prevention in individuals who have already experienced a heart attack but questions their use for primary prevention. He mentions that statins can have mitochondrial toxicity and may increase the risk of diabetes. Lastly, Dr. Lustig suggests enjoying desserts in moderation and as an occasional treat, while advocating for the reduction of sugar in processed foods.

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8 thoughts on “Robert Lustig, MD “Hateful-Grateful 8” a conversation with Ron Najafi, CEO – Emery Pharma
  1. Some excellent information and perspectives, but one contention is the very much forced and stressed emphasis on fiber, and that eating whole foods fiber like fruit are somehow protective and ok, indeed, anyone with type two testing their glucose will see phenomenal rises of their BG simply having consumed even half an apple, or orange. I think with great intentions and goodwill Dr Lustig has and is, and continues on this path of educating and transparency, but he really has to step back on the gas peddle of fiber and take a good long gander at real-world N1's including himself.
    It really is not as rosy as he makes it out to be.
    He seems to not be aware that applies an unrealistic blanket viewpoint on general population recommendations. One cant apply the same blanket recommendations to a sick population being ok with eating whole-food carbs, and a population that ideally would be metabolically healthy eating whole-food carbs. We have a metabolically unhealthy population so emphasizing eating whole fruits as an almost magical eraser of its metabolic destruction is fanciful at best.

  2. many of the words and sentences by Dr Lustig were hard to hear as he was just whispering or mumbling them. A clear tone for such an important topic would have been very desirable. No offense intended.

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