Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Unlocking the power of advanced nutrition | Dr. Chris Rinsch

Imagine a future where you can support your body’s aging process through nutrition, instead of pharmaceuticals. Chris Rinsch co-founded Amazentis, the Swiss life science company behind Timeline, to do just that.

Timeline supports mitochondrial function and muscle strength. The essential ingredient is Mitopure, a synthetic, highly pure form of the gut metabolite urolithin A.

At the LLAMA podcast, we have been been following Timeline’s progress since before the product went on the market in 2020, although Chris’s adventure with the company – and the science – started more than fifteen years ago.  It has been a fascinating journey – from the laboratory to the human body. 

For this interview, LLAMA host Peter Bowes traveled to Lausanne, Switzerland to meet Chris and the team behind Timeline, which is a sponsor of this episode.

▸ Time-line is offering LLAMA podcast listeners a 10% discount on its Mitopure products – Mitopure Powder, Softgels, Mitopure + Protein and skin creams – which support improvements in mitochondrial function and muscle strength.
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▸ Prof. Patrick Aebischer – Chairman & Co-Founder, Amazentis:
A novel molecule to promote longevity

▸ Dr. Anurag Singh – Chief Medical Officer with Amazentis
Pomegranates, muscle mass and healthy aging

▸ Dr. Navindra Seeram: The rejuvenating power of plants

▸ Prof. Johan Auwerz: The exciting potential of human longevity:

▸ Stephanie Blum: Marketing the science of wellbeing

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One thought on “Unlocking the power of advanced nutrition | Dr. Chris Rinsch
  1. I have some of the highest respect for what nutrition can do. And yet, unfortunately, my respect for standard medicine is growing lower. When I have to do my own research to reverse my own heart disease. I am most thankful to people like Dr. Linus Pauling is a 2-time Nobel Prize winner. And Dr. Thomas Levy, cardiologist. Through the genius of Paulings Heart Therapy and Levy's advanced work with Paulings Heart Therapy. I have been able to reverse my CAC score from 660 to 458.

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