Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Why is exercising bad for patients with Long-COVID.

Exercising is healthy and has always been touted as one of the best ways to improve your overall health, but it is not entirely true in the case of people with long COVID.

Studies have shown that patients with long-COVID have low amounts of energy generation from aerobic metabolism. This type of metabolism in the mitochondria is what fuels most of our energy, and if people with long COVID don’t have enough of this, resorting to anaerobic energy production – their energy efficiency is definitely compromised. Anaerobic metabolism is only good for short bursts of energy, and this mitochondrial dysfunction is what’s limiting exercise in patients with long COVID.

For patients with long COVID, the best form of exercise may be short, intense bouts of weight bearing exercise. Long aerobic exercises which expend the energy stores in the mitochondria might be too taxing for these patients. Aside from brief bursts, it may benefit them to do a slow buildup of gentle activity, while maintaining a low heart rate. It may be frustrating at first and may have tons of roadblocks, so it is advisable not to overexert efforts too soon.

Aside from this, pacing is very important for people with long COVID. The importance of this is to have as much activity as possible, and at the same time limiting the frequency of relapses. This balance of rest and activity will be able to aid in the mitochondrial dysfunction in the aerobic metabolism. An energy budget is essential, allocating it carefully throughout the day is key. It is important to do the activities that people enjoy the most, in order to have higher success on the good days, and less frequent bad days.

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