Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Coffee with MarkZ 06/06/2023

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Pep talk, Budget, Economy and tired old Joe.


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49 thoughts on “Coffee with MarkZ 06/06/2023
  1. Markz loungewear came today … Really nice…synthetic lightweight silk material..wash in cold water, use no fabric softener or bleach and line dry. Elastic waist with drawstring…plenty long legs
    Good for tall folks too..I am 5ft 5 and will hem them about 4 inches❤ Feels like you have nothing on..Love the pictures of Mark with his glasses off with glasses up to mouth…a wonderful keepsake for our times with Mark and the great awakening❤

  2. …well, why would I want a gold coin of an adulterer who couldn’t even stay in the saddle of his polo pony?….a damned waste of gold…we’re fucked….

  3. We really need to stop discussing Biden like he is a real person, that type of thing is keeping people from being able to see clearly. All in the know have known he is an actor playing a role in this show for the sleeping. It's been nearly 3 years and is tome to progress past that

  4. Heard than another 250 Ukraine personnel were killed, lives wasted for nothing brcause as most experts say, the WR is over in Ukraine, they cannot win but appear willi g to keep going until every Ukrainian is dead.

    Its just murder. A peace settlement should have been agreed before the war started so hundreds of thousands have died for political point scoring and money laundering. How fng sick is that.

  5. I just got an auto play went to PBS news and they we’re doing a Taliban article and the woman in military camouflage wiping her nose looked like Amber Hurd my mind instantly screamed she has been reduced to having to be a method acting person and psycho came up as a word choice for person (is this quantum computing proof?)

  6. Biden is sending troops back to Iraq. Building a new base near the oil fields.
    Anyone turning in 💰 from Iraq, if they get more than $10,000 it must be reported to the US gov. The money will be considered "suspect" because it's from the Middle East. This was from an Iraqi channel.

  7. When i took put my account in Iraq I jad to hold 20% of deposit in USD. Bank refusing to trace transfer while urging me to move banks. I font think they want yo keep the money at all. It can inly be claimed by the sending bank.

  8. TheBiden whistle blower went before congress snd showed their copy of the document which made congtesd hold Wrey and someone else in contempt of Congress..

    Even if they fid kill the Biden whistle blowers, ots yoo late. They have seen the paperwork.

  9. We’re all hoping for the IQD to revalue but remember investments take time and most likely we’re still several years away at best.

  10. I don't know why everybody keeps talking about Joe Biden like he's alive The dumbass is dead he died in Guantanamo Bay in 2017 whoever it is in there is not Joe it's an actor a clone whatever it may be CGI it's not f**** Joe Biden stop already quit giving him credit for being alive he's f**** dead

  11. Guinness book world record echo: “ My redemption folks are expecting a very busy week this week and weekend. They very much believe it will happen this week. Somewhere over the next few days. I hope this is accurate.” Yo-yo yo-yo turd digger

  12. Why don’t you just take off till Friday, we all know you will push the intel to then. Then you will tell us how great the weekend will be and we will restart this whole thing next Monday.

  13. Mark, you're a good influence for me, too. I find myself becoming 'down' a lot these days. I watch 'theoriginalmarkz' to cheer me up. (and I haven't much to 'cash in' when 'it' happens. Everything we have is part of a set, and the collector in the family would be crushed by any such intrusion. We have collections and we know how to do without the other stuff.) I'm surrounded by death and dying which can be depressing. Your smile helps me forget. It's everything for some of us. Keep chuckling, Mark. Some days, it's everything. TY.

  14. You are right not to trust people right now Mark. I tried to warn Senator John DeCamp, attorney for 16 year old victim Mark Taylor in his lawsuit against Pharma. John had back surgery scheduled BEFORE we went to court. I told him he was crazy to go under the knife considering who we were suing was Pharma. He did not listen & as a result ended up on so many drugs he was not able to meet discovery in that case which is a death sentence in a court case. Ted Gunderson let me know I was right & what made me really sick is we had 3 of the nation's top attorneys ready to join in on the case! This is why no one ever learned the full truth about Columbine being caused by antidepressants like the large majority of the others! Good luck with the dentist today!

  15. I feel like this is going to last until next year at least… which is hard to fathom because they've already taken care of all their obligations. They can just stay off of forex as long as they want until they are ready to unveil to the world what they are already participating in without us. It's a big club, and we aren't in it…

  16. Ningún gobierno a hablado de gesara
    2. El los bancos no tienen ningún conocimiento de un nuevo sistema monetario.
    3. Nadie sabe quiénes son los sombreros blancos
    4. No ahí información verídica de arrestos por todo el mundo como dicen.
    5. De que material sera la lata?
    6. Siempre mentiras, tanto fechas como supuestos cobros de los primeros niveles, según ya estaban cobraron desde cuando y hasta hoy no han cobrado.

    Conclusión: no hay seriedad en las informaciones 😢😢

    Pero eso si, pedir dinero cada rato en eso si ahi seriedad.
    Dejamos de darles algunas cosas a nuestros hijos y a uno mismo por apoyar el proyecto y todo para que salgan cada mes con un cuento más 😢😢

  17. Well if you think it sounds like a broken record, I found, and pasted this which was posted in 2019…on another dinar site.

    "Reaching out" – MarkZ Update 2/18/19 Empty "Reaching out" – MarkZ Update 2/18/19

    MarkZ: I was told yesterday that we would see all kinds of movement on all fronts and we are scratching our heads today because we didn’t see what we expected..

    I am reaching out to many sources.. we were very much expecting it this weekend..We are still expecting it for the week..I really believe we are that close..

    I have good sources in Iraq and Iraq has a lot going on but they are hiding info about the RV. We hope to know lots more later today.

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