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Health Coach Tip – The Benefits of Reducing Tech Time

Health Coach Tip – The Benefits of Reducing Tech Time

Smartphones and tablets have become our companions – but have you ever wondered if all that screen time could be impacting our well-being? Research suggests that cutting back on technology usage may have incredible benefits for our mental and physical health, relationships, and overall well-being. So, let’s dive into these perks:

Reducing tech time may improve your mental health by:

  • Reducing stress: Constant pings and notifications may increase stress and anxiety. By giving ourselves a break from the digital noise, we can reduce anxiety and manage our stress.
  • Improving sleep quality: Late-night scrolling got you tossing and turning? The blue light from our electronics, messes with our sleep. By ditching the devices two to three hours before bedtime, we may notice an increase in sleep quality and an improvement to the way that we feel when we wake up. 
  • Encouraging you to live in the moment: Have you ever felt like you’re missing out on life because of your screen time? Well, it’s never too late to take a break, and live more in the moment –  by cutting back on tech, we can savor the present, be more mindful, and fully engage with the world around us.

Reducing tech time may enhance your relationships, by: 

  • Enhancing your in-real-life social interactions: We all crave human connection, and too much screen time can get in the way. By putting down our devices, we create space for genuine face-to-face interactions, laughter, and meaningful conversations.
  • Improving your communication skills: While tech has the ability to improve communication for specific groups of people, communication in the workplace or communication with those who live far away – it may be detrimental for other facets of socialization and communication. By reducing tech time, we can brush up on our communication skills, make eye contact, and pick up on non-verbal cues, contributing to improved communication and greater ease in social situations.

Reducing tech time may contribute to improved physical health, by:

  • Reducing the amount of time you spend sedentary: Let’s face it — binge-watching our favorite shows can be tempting, but our bodies need to move! By cutting back on screen time, we open doors to exciting activities – like going for a walk, trying out that new hobby you’ve been eyeing, or going to a museum or exhibit.
  • Reducing eye strain and tech-neck: Staring at screens all day isn’t doing our eyes or posture any favors. Taking regular breaks from tech and finding ways to relax our eyes and straighten up may promote better physical health. Suffering from tech-neck? In addition to reducing tech time, here are some stretches to focus on: Health Coach Tip – Stretch to Reduce Tech Neck.

Reducing tech time may contribute to improved cognitive function, by: 

  • Improving productivity: Distractions can kill our abilities to be and stay productive. By limiting tech usage, we create an environment that’s perfect for getting in a focused and sustained productivity groove. 
  • Enhancing creativity: Depending on how you are using your tech, tech-free downtime may contribute to enhanced creativity. However, there is a need for more research to better understand the relationship between tech usage and creativity.

While our smartphones and smart-devices have their perks and although, the impact of tech usage on our health is not entirely black-and-white – if you often find yourself glued to your devices, reducing screen time can unlock a world of benefits! From boosting mental well-being and strengthening relationships to improving our physical health and unleashing our productivity and creativity, there’s so much to gain from stepping away from those screens. Try unplugging from time-to-time to embrace these benefits! 

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