Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Mariëlle van Kooten | A Moonshot to Move the 13 Mitochondrial Genes to the Human Nucleus

*This video was recorded at Foresight’s Longevity Frontiers Workshop 2023.*

Many longevity areas are still underexplored. Some were surfaced by our 2022 workshop, some are highlighted by the Longevity Prize, some are entirely new. This two-day event invites leading researchers, entrepreneurs, and funders to drive progress. Explore new opportunities, form lasting collaborations, and join us in driving cooperation toward shared long-term goals.Rapid keynotes are followed by working groups to curate opportunities for talent and funders, present at the workshop and beyond, to take on. Including mentorship hours, breakouts, and speaker & sponsor gathering.

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A group of scientists, entrepreneurs, funders, and institutional allies who cooperate to advance biotechnology to reverse aging and extend human healthspan. This group is sponsored by 100 Plus Capital.http://100pluscap.com/

*Mariëlle van Kooten, Stanford University*
*A Moonshot to Move the 13 Mitochondrial Genes to the Human Nucleus*

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