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Episode 35- Dr. Lodi Live- 05-07-23

05-07-23 Live – Dr. Lodi
Dr. Lodi’s Live Stream from 05-07-23. Watch now!
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Time Stamps:
00:00 – Dr. Lodi Intro
01:11 – Methelane Blue
02:17 – Best Food to Fight Cancer (P.1)
08:07 – Best Food to Fight Cancer (P.2)
13:56 – The BRCA Gene (P.1)
20:27 – Chinagate
22:29 – All Cancers Are The Same
26:26 – Treatment for Bladder Cancer
32:05 – Treatment for Bladder Cancer (Ozone)
34:52 – Liquid Biopsies
36:00 – Preparations to Decrease Risk in Surgery
41:18 – Vaginal Infusion & Mucosa
45:20 – Circulating Tumor DNA Testing
52:11 – Biopsy Vs. Iodine
53:30 – Avoid Experimental Injections
54:57 – Battling Extreme Fatigue
59:32 – Our Goal Is To Restore Health
1:02:45 – Recommendations for Circulating Tumor Cells
1:04:15 – Don’t Play Their Game
1:12:25 – Steps for Applying Lugol’s to Cervix
1:17:58 – Risks of Lupron Injection
1:20:56 – Best Supplements for A Healthy Heart
1:25:43 – Dangers of High Fructose Foods
1:31:36 – Best Ways to Increase Liver Enzymes
1:34:43 – Fasting to Fight Cancer
1:40:22 – Iodine Vs. Basal Body Temperature
1:41:31 – Eating After Total Gastrectomy & Increasing Platelets
1:43:56 – Thoughts on Radiation for Breast Cancer
1:45:49 – The 7 to 7 Method
1:47:49 – Portobello Mushrooms Poisonous?
1:49:02 – Clinical Trial Experiments
1:53:10 – Garlic Vs. Tumors
1:55:26 – RGCC & Circulating Tumor Cells
1:57:20 – Dr. Lodi Outro

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7 thoughts on “Episode 35- Dr. Lodi Live- 05-07-23
  1. Broccoli sprouts, cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cabbage, spinach, brussels sprouts, etc.), berries, fermented soy, onions garlic lemon.

  2. Essential oils I hear can heal brain tumor. Frankenscense and Myrrh (she used Frankenscense but later learned Myrhh had more positive research). Place one drop on tongue and hold up to roof for 2 mins and repeat every hour or two. This will allow it to pass the blood/brain barrier. Give it 6 months. Must be high quality. I use Revive which is much cheaper than DoTerra… they cut out the middleman. There's a video of young girl who healed her brain tumor this way. Research. Can't hurt.

  3. Have you heard of GNM (German New Medicine)? It states that all 'disease' is a natural process of body seeling homeostasis and isnpart of healing process. Dr. MELISSA SELL is a great DR who has an Insta and YiuTube channel and it's really fascinating and resonates with yiur work and me. Makes so much sense. Our bodies are made to self heal.

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