Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Remarkable benefits of exercise in myopathy patients with Dr Mark Tarnopolsky

Dr Glenn McConell chats with Professor Mark Tarnopolsky from McMaster University in Canada. Mark has done pioneering studies in many areas including sex differences and exercise, HITT training and creatine supplementation. Today we focus on his remarkable work with muscle myopathies. Exercise can be beneficial for all muscle myopathies in regards to function and/or healthspan and/or lifespan. The type of exercise will differ depending on the myopathy: endurance, resistance, or both.

0:00. Introduction and overview of Mark’s exercise, clinical and research
4:45. McMaster University: Stu Phillips, Marty Gibala and Mark
6:30. His sex differences and exercise research
8:06. Exosomes re drug delivery and exercise
15:48. Types of muscle myopathies
19:39. Exercise can improve McArdles disease
24:29. Weight training, creatine and McArdles disease
28:20. Exercise and glycoytic defects, glucose ingestion/fasting
30:53. Creatine phosphate
34:50. Rhabdomyolysis
39:53. Mark’s very impressive sporting background and lab numbers
41:45. Mark’s cardiac ablations
42:48. The heart and VO2 max etc
43:49. Mitochondrial disease and exercise/RER
48:30. Ex training increases VO2 max in mitochondrial disease
51:00. Most common mitochondrial diseases
53:20. How does exercise improve exercise in mitochondrial diseases
55:00. Muscle affected in different genetic deficits
57:26. Neuromuscular junction with Dr Tarnopolsky on YouTube
58:17. Exercise beneficial with pretty much every muscle disease
58:40. Exercise improves strength in Inclusion body myopathy
58:50. Exercise improves function etc in muscular dystrophy
59:5 Pompe disease. Exercise better than $1million/yr treatment
1:01:18. Tends to be focus on pharma despite exercise being better
1:03:35. Duchenne muscular dystrophy, exercise and life expectancy
1:09.02. Resistance vs strength vs both in muscle defects
1:11:38. Different resistance training tactics in mitochondrial patients
1:13:02. Creatine and other supplements in muscle defects
1:16:29. Study designs, funding,patents etc
1:18:07. Do people who don’t have muscle myopathies need supplements?
1:19:11. Disclosure: Founder and CEO of the Exerkine Company
1:21:40. “Exercise the best supplement”
1:23:59. Exokines within exosomes not that useful so far
1:28:24. Take away messages
1:31:42. Mark’s running ability/injuries as age etc.
1:33:57. Mark’s injuries/diet/supplements
1:36:54. Outro (9 seconds)

Inside Exercise brings to you the who’s who of research in exercise metabolism, exercise physiology and exercise’s effects on health. With scientific rigor, these researchers discuss popular exercise topics while providing practical strategies for all.

The interviewer, Emeritus Professor Glenn McConell, has an international research profile following 30 years of Exercise Metabolism research experience while at The University of Melbourne, Ball State University, Monash University, the University of Copenhagen and Victoria University.

He has published over 120 peer reviewed journal articles and recently edited an Exercise Metabolism eBook written by world experts on 17 different topics (https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-94305-9).

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Not medical advice.
Disclosure: Professor Tarnopolsky is the Founder and CEO of the Exerkine Company.


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