Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

You DON’T Need Cardio w/ Weight Training

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12 thoughts on “You DON’T Need Cardio w/ Weight Training
  1. Do you need it? No. Not for muscle building. However. I feel everyone should be able to run a sub 30 minute 5k for general cardiac fitness. Who wants to be the out of shape guy in a pick up game?

  2. I'm alway surprised (till now anyways) how traditional eastern system of fighting avoided running as oposed to western conditioning system. Now it could be an answer.

  3. Jay I would like to hear your opinion on training the intercoastal muscles and the o2 trainer. Looks like a great product that would compliment HIT training.

  4. I started doing HIT, following the book Body by Science, in Feb22, so a year and some. That is all I do now, I stopped doing training runs. It has been eye-opening as to what fitness is. My fitness now is better than ever before, and by that I mean I can do real world things better now. I can sprint three blocks and job a mile, I can climb many flights of stairs, bike up a hill, carry packages of shingles up a ladder. What I can't do very well is run 5k, but I never need to do that. That was always a contrived metric, for me. HIT is better training for climbing ten flights of stairs than running 5k.

  5. I always intuitively knew that cardio was pointless when doing weight training. My heart rate would sky rocket when lifting, to the point where I felt I was doing cardio anyway…

  6. I think some cardio is good depending on your goals. Stage 2 cardio is good for fat loss. Also can you comment on measuring Vo2 max as a marker for all cause mortality and longevity.

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