Monday, September 25, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

A Level Biology Revision “Mitochondria”

In this video, we look at the structure and function of mitochondria. First we explore the different stages of aerobic respiration. We then look at the structure of mitochondria and how the different structures relate to aerobic respiration.

This video is aimed at the UK A Level Biology specifications. Students studying International A Level Biology will need to check their specification.


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4 thoughts on “A Level Biology Revision “Mitochondria”
  1. I hope you know the whole country appreciates your videos so much, my GCSEs have been great because I've used your videos for revision and all the comments in all of them are the same praise. Thank you very much

  2. Hi Sir, I was wondering when you will be finished/ if you’ve finished A level biology and chemistry – thanks to your gcse videos I’ve decided to take biology and chemistry as two of my a level options next year. Thanks again

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