Thursday, September 21, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Power of Positive Aging

Event Summary:

Aging positively means embracing the natural process of maturity, and actively working to maintain physical and mental health so we remain strong, vibrant and active thru all our years. Positive aging is holistic; physical, mental and emotional wellness all play a crucial part in aging well. For that reason, Prairie Naturals has created a collection of products to help people engage fully in life at every stage of aging. Our formulas support: Cognitive Wellness Stress Management Healthy Vision Cardio Care Mobility & Motion Healthy Glucose Metabolism Disease Prevention.
Presenter: RoseMarie Pierce B.Sc.Pharm

RoseMarie Pierce is a senior technical advisor, formulator and educator for Prairie Naturals She earned her Pharmacy degree from Dalhousie University and has done extensive studies in herbal and nutritional medicine RoseMarie has more than 45 years experience in conventional and natural medicine Her focus is on pH balance, digestive health and drug nutrient-depletions. RoseMarie is also an instructor and prof at Pacific Rim College.

The views and opinions expressed by the presenter do not necessarily represent those of Choices Markets and its employees. Choices Markets is not responsible for and does not verify the accuracy of any of the information presented. The information presented does not constitute medical or other professional advice and is for education purposes only.
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