Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How Mitochondrial Health Impacts Aging | Dr Vilhelm Bohr Ep 1

In this video Dr Bohr talks about mitochondria, how they change with age and the importance of mitophagy.
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Dr. Vilhelm Bohr is a molecular biologist who is currently an affiliate professor at the University of Copenhagen. He is also a former chief of the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics at the National Institute on Aging (NIA). Dr. Bohr’s research interests focus on DNA repair, mitochondrial biology, and energy metabolism. He is particularly interested in how these processes interact with one another to impact the aging process and age-associated neurodegeneration

00:00 Introduction
03:15 Mitochondria
05:09 Measuring mitochondria health
07:58 Mitogenesis and mitophagy

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11 thoughts on “How Mitochondrial Health Impacts Aging | Dr Vilhelm Bohr Ep 1
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    Dr Vilhelm Bohr Playlist:

  2. YouTube animations of the Electron Transport Chain are mesmerizing. The chemistry is so complex, I can't really get a clear picture of all the chemistry going on. If the mitochondria are not producing as much energy as they should, I would first look at the surfaces of the mitochondria and all the different components of the ETC. If any of the molecules involved in these reactions are in short supply, like
    NAD+, whether supplementing them could make up the difference.

  3. thank you Richard! I'm waiting for someone interview Professor Bohr, he has great insight on mitophagy, alzheimers and NAD precusors.

  4. Richard, you are amazing, but that has to be the worst guest interview ever. Great questions, and zero specific answers. I am very interested in this topic, and did not come away with a single insight.

  5. Question: what’s going through Richard’s head when he says ‘mitochondria’ – is it ‘meet-o-chondria’ or ‘meat-o-chondria’?

    And why isn’t ‘mitophagy’ pronounced: ‘meat-o-phagy’ or ‘meet-o-phagy’?

    Seems like he’s either thinking about his next steak or his next social engagement, please let me know in the comments below.

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