Thursday, September 21, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Is CoQ10 ACTUALLY Worth It? (the research no one shows)

CoQ10 supplements are incredibly popular and many viewers of this channel take it. What does the evidence actually show? Are there any benefits from taking CoQ10?

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Here are the links to the research papers referenced in the video:

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36 thoughts on “Is CoQ10 ACTUALLY Worth It? (the research no one shows)
  1. Well Dr.Stanfield, you contradict everything known or believed on coQ10. For myself who don't have any illness, taking ubiquinone in pumpkin-seed oil softgel gives instant energy. It's fat-soluble, so dry powder with water is not absorbed into the body.

  2. CoQ10 100% fixes muscle pain problem from taking Statins. I learned this before medical school and put my dad on it and he immediately got fixed. Then it was confirmed again in Med school a year later to me.

  3. Taking statins is not very smart if it is not really urgent, you are basically destroying the integrity of your neuronal membranes and therefore your brain! Medical doctors often think they know a lot about molecular biology but they don't know half as much as they think they do. In fact most MD's are pretty dumb!

  4. What about the review paper in the American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs (Golomb) that cites nearly 900 studies on the adverse effects of statins? There's no way I'd be taking them at your age. Completely unnecessary at best and harmful at worst.

  5. So, would you bothering to test blood levels of CoQ10? And if so, and if low, can we boost levels with real food supplementation (liver, heart, oysters). And would that even make sense as foods high in CoQ10 are also high in cholesterol. But then dietary cholesterol is said to have little effect on blood levels. This is getting confusing.

  6. Heart disease runs in my family and I had heart palpitations issue until I started taking CoQ10 in my 20s. It's been decades and I had tried stopping, then the heart issue would return. I've been taking fish oil too but I've realized that it's not the fish oil that's helping, but CoQ10.

  7. Dr stranfield laying down more solid study conclusions. Now I’m reconsidering my short must have list of Omega 3, coQ-10 and taurine

  8. Let's just ignore fast foods, processed foods, and inflammatory foods and target CoQ10! Don't take it! It doesn't provide miracle benefits when taken orally. And let's also ignore statin side effects! Pharma is amazing!!

  9. Please, doctor, change your profile picture to one that doesn't have an ugly green background. It hurts my eyes every time I see it, which happens often as I watch your videos regularly.

  10. You are missing the mark with COQ10 for heart failure. Life Extension has a massive collection of trials and research, roughly 18 years ago my Dad was diagnosed with Heart Failure and had very low EF (ejection fraction), I convinced him to take a very high quality COQ10 and use the clinical dose used in two of the trials that showed massive improvement in EF, he told his cardiologist and of course the doctor scoffed at it and said go ahead, but it wont help, which is typical of medical doctors when it comes to healthy lifestyle and supplements vs meds and procedures, I have had many, many personal experiences to back up this statement. Well, guess what? His EF improved, A LOT, the cardiologist was shocked and still would not admit it works. BTW, this cannot be attributed to exercise or diet, because my Dad refused to really do either. He is still alive and doing well, his EF has fluctuated, but remains stable and he is now 74. His EF increased by almost 20 from taking this! Again, take the correct form, again, take the correct dose. Using low quality, wrong type of CoQ that you get at a Walmart or something will not cut it and not taking the correct dose of 400 to 600 mg daily, divided WITH food, will not cut it, especially if you have late stage HF like my Dad did. Coq has host of other benefits as well. In regards to exercise, this is not true. I am and have been extremely active for many years and I take it myself. I most definitely get the benefits of cardio and resistance training, I am 47 and am mistaken for much younger all the time, I can walk or run miles without really exerting myself, train with boxing as well, do resistance training and I can do over 50 pullups in one short session. I am much, much more healthier than before I started working out years back and I have taken coQ throughout, before and after starting, still take it. So whomever is reading this comment, do not buy into the negative on this supplement, especially if you have heart failure, my dad is not the only one who improved their EF, I have many others I have helped as well and they got the same results. Sure, it is better to pair with a healthy lifestyle and exercise, absolutely, but even alone, as in the case with my Dad, it works, period.

  11. I feel like supplements are mostly placebo. You get this positive feeling like you're going to change your life, that in itself gives you a little buzz and you start doing more, such as exercise, cleaning, eating better, and THAT is what is really making you feel better. Also, I believe a huge amount of supplement reviews are fake.

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