Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Everything You NEED to Know About Fats! | Dr. Robert Lustig

Watch the full interview with Dr. Robert Lustig on YouTube 👉🏻

Dr. Robert Lustig is a neuroendocrinologist, New York Times bestselling author, and Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology.

He is one of the leaders of the current “anti-sugar” movement that is changing the food industry.

Rob has dedicated his retirement from clinical medicine to help to fix the food supply any way he can, to reduce human suffering and to salvage the environment.

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44 thoughts on “Everything You NEED to Know About Fats! | Dr. Robert Lustig
  1. Omega3 Tip: ALDI sells wild-caught canned salmon for like $3.29 for one pound. We pick out whatever bones there are and then steam it and melt butter on it. Tasty. Cheap. We try to eat a can a week….

  2. I think the entire science of food is questionable.
    What is right today, by science, is another story tomorrow, by science…..on top, they never seem to agree amongst themselves with their ambitious and arrogant characters.
    There are hundreds of millions of people who do not have access to eating fish, they do fine, some are eating mainly meat, and they are fine and then you have the Latin paradox, the vegetarians etc.,
    I think after all: if you stay away from a Junkfood American diet ( meaning no empty carbs whatsoever ) and exercise 30 minutes a day, you're fine.
    I do not see vegetarians suffering in big numbers because of B12 deficiency or a lack of Omega-3 oils. Nutrition is a business, that counts for the involved scientists, supplement suppliers, and everybody in between.

  3. Question: you said that the liver is stuck with Trans fat and can never get rid of it. But I thought the liver was capable of changing H2O to OH and robbing water of one hydrogen ion and then attaching 2 of those loose H ions to Trans fat, then the free radical O will break the double bond, thereby converting the Trans fat to LDL. Then the liver wouldn't be stuck with Trans fat forever. Is this not true, or am I screwed up? (For those of you that think I'm nuts for questioning Dr. Robert Lustig, who's is one of the most brilliant scientific minds ever, let me remind you that there is no law against questioning the Master. The Organic Chemistry Police are not going to send me to Hepotology Jail.

  4. Does anyone know if Dr. Robert Lustig has a youtube channel? I can't seem to find one for him,
    all I find is other peoples channels, who invite him for interviews.

  5. Can you overdo Omega3 s. I feel terrific when I eat sardines. I ate the 2 days went right to regular water Fast. The highest ketones I had and this 34 hrs in… not the end. All I am worried can I do them daily with my ribeye?

  6. I'm sure all the seed oils are trans fats, the open bond has been heated multiple times in processing beyond boiling. Oxidation complete, then lets fry some fries for a week in the same oil.

  7. I love Dr Lustig, his last book was magnificent. I heard him doing a talk and he mentioned that statins were mitochondrial disrupters, and I googled it and its true. I love that he hates JUNK FOOD as much as me which means he really cares about kids brains and bodies! I eat salmon, sardines, etc at least five times a week. Pastured eggs. Aiming for 1:1 ratio omega 3:6. I also drink cows milk, but I eat a lot of protein and take HRT so my bones are great. If you eat green veggies you get calcium, if you eat almonds you get calcium. I drink milk for its nutrition, not for the calcium. I go in the sun to make D. Just for the science of it, I have had my bones tested many times as I'm older and my bones are in the top 1% for density. I've drunk milk all my life. it's not caused me any problems. I think the important thing is not to make dietary changes if you don't need to. I have no heart disease, diabetes or inflammation so I'll continue with my diet, exercise and HRT.

  8. OLIVE OIL: This video says olive oil flips its bonds at 329°F or 165°C. But some more expensive olive oils are more refined and have much higher smoking points.

  9. DAIRY ADVICE: Mr Lustig is encouraging people to consume dairy. But here's why that's dangerous. Children who consume dairy are much more likely to get Type 1 Diabetes. Adults who consume dairy are much more likely to get Parkinson's Disease. Dairy is not natural. It causes autoimmune problems. 75% of people can't digest it.

  10. I was pescatarian for 17 years and developed auto immune issues along with my two daughters. They developed auto immune disorders from being pescatarian. We ate salmon for dinner, Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays and we tuna steak on Tuesdays and Thursdays and beans and rice on Sundays. Saturdays was free day. Thank goodness I went carnivore because NOW I meet my nutritional needs!

  11. So then how do we get rid of the transfats then. Is it too late to save ourself from the consequences of a lifetime of this abuse no matter how good we eat now ?

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