Thursday, September 21, 2023
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4 Artists Design Pokemon From The Same Description #8

In this video @moxie2D @ActuallyRea @n0rtist and I I create Pokémon based on the same prompt.

0:00 Intro
0:51​ GinjaNinja0w0
11:38 N0Rtist
18:15 Truegreen7
29:00 Moxie2D

#Pokemon #Truegreen7 #CreatingNewPokemon #pokemonscarletviolet #Fakemon


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21 thoughts on “4 Artists Design Pokemon From The Same Description #8
  1. 1) Racolosal is the evolution of Racool, that’s why it’s base stat total is lower than Nuclearl’s. Nuclearl is a separate Pokemon.
    2) I changed my mind. Nuclearl can be used seperately from Racolosal, but Racolosal will refuse to fight without Nuclearl on its back.
    3) As a mythical Nuclearl can’t be used in official Pokemon battles. It’s movepool is also very limited. Sludge is the strongest damaging move it can learn. Lore wise, it simply isn’t much of a fighter.

  2. 36:01 amazing completely redeemed yourself 90 base power stab move that is super effective into fairies is amazing plus tough claws boosted absolutely great plus good stats let’s goooo this thing is amazing

  3. 37:48 holy shit serene grace sir slash with 130 base speed is crazy also a stab move that’s on par with moonblast is crazy too this thing would be broken like a better version of togekiss 💀🔥

  4. 40:29 redeemed again although this is a paradox pokemon, literally bring a ground type to kill fire poison and steel mons and then sweep with choice specs unity dive at 1.5x speed like this is basically a galar darksnitan but with an insane type

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