Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Carnivore Diet: You Can Be Perfectly Healthy ONLY Eating Meat | Dr. Robert Lustig

Watch the full interview with Dr. Robert Lustig on YouTube 👉🏻 https://bit.ly/542drrobertlustig

Dr. Robert Lustig is a neuroendocrinologist, New York Times bestselling author, and Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology.

He is one of the leaders of the current “anti-sugar” movement that is changing the food industry.

Rob has dedicated his retirement from clinical medicine to help to fix the food supply any way he can, to reduce human suffering and to salvage the environment.

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26 thoughts on “Carnivore Diet: You Can Be Perfectly Healthy ONLY Eating Meat | Dr. Robert Lustig
  1. Since we are talking about people curing things with carnivore diet- here is my story!

    So everyone knows I am 46, turn 47 soon- but look like I am in my early 30’s. I am now 122lbs and 5’7”. I have done a zero carb carnivore diet for 9 months now. Before I was saved by the carnivore diet I was 165lbs (weight would continue to creep up since I was 40 years old.) And I had so many other issues that are now cured. One was i had fibrocystic issues before carnivore. It built up over a six year period of western / SAD diet. Doctors said it was normal, nothing we can do. “Part of aging and now normal.” Nope! Then I tried the Mediterranean scam grain diet for 6 months- made things worse and even put me into peri menopause and many other issues like cysts that got to be quarter size round, so painful! Fibrocystic masses too were big! I was fed up and decided to go dig and dig to see if anything would reverse this! Found Dr. Baker, Dr. Berry, and Dr. Chaffee with carnivore diet! Then found out cruciferous veggies can ruin your thyroid and prevent natural absorption of iodine found in foods! I had eaten lean skinless chicken breast (a half of one maybe once a day), rices, and broccoli for 6 years- age 40-46 and daily! I want ladies to know they need to avoid cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, asparagus, and cauliflower to prevent fibrocystic breasts- but plants in general cause it! Your body needs iodine for your lady organs and all other organs, but especially your thyroid! They really mess up the thyroid which messes up your hormones and causes all other issues! One big domino affect! I ask people to go watch Dr. Chaffee with Dr. Sally Norton on plant toxins! Fibrocystic breast issues are now what doctors have settled as “normal!” I truly feel it is considered an auto immune issue / plant toxic illness of inflammation that can be reversed with carnivore! If you look the rates of fibrocystic illnesses is drastically increasing- including breast cancer- and it’s posted on line that nobody knows what causes those! They tell people not to eat saturated fats! I eat fatty meats of beef and eggs- and 8 months on carnivore no more cysts and i have only one smaller fibrocystic mass left that is super small- continues to shrink- not the large mass it once was- shrinking drastically on carnivore diet!

    Carnivore diet cured so much for me!

    * No more perimenopause- completely reversed!

    *Period cycles all timed perfect with 4 week intervals.And no PMS symptoms, but only the actual menstrual cycle itself!

    *No more night sweats

    *No more waking every 2 hours at night!

    *It used to take me 20 minutes or longer to fall asleep at night when I would first go to bed at night- before carnivore. Now it takes like a minute or less. Haven’t noticed since I am out fast!

    *No more life long eczema

    *No more cold hands

    *No more cold body temp in general! Used to feel like a reptile – only warm in texas sun.

    *No more IBS symptoms (gas, bloating, stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea)

    *No more feeling low energy by 12pm and zombie by 4pm

    *No more purple looking hands in winter

    *No more brain fog

    *No more arthritis that I felt in hands, knees, and hips- or elbows

    *Lost 45+ pounds from former baby weight and peri menopause weight.

    *Always had 20/20 vision with slight stigmatism- but in March doctor said my stigmatism is reversing!

    *Don’t sunburn as easily anymore and tan well.

    *Wrinkles around eyes seem to be much less. I am 46 and look like I am in early 30’s.

    *Gums look super healthy. Dentist seems irritated as my teeth are not dirty when cleaning every six months. Think they know they won’t make money off me.

    *No more sore chest from monthly periods- no swelling feeling of fullness or discomfort that prevented me from sleeping on my stomach. Now I sleep every night on my stomach!

    *Fibrocystic Breast issues reversing! Almost all gone after 6 years of buildup!

    *no cravings unless they are for meat

    *no more angina symptoms before a period- which started about 3 years ago.

    *No more feeling weak like almost passing out and dizzy around ovulation and periods

    * no more fingers swelling- that started a few years ago- rings kept being tight- is pattern I noticed. One ring I had resized larger and it’s super loose now. Will have to resize smaller.

    *feel stronger- now lifting barbells not just hands weights. Dr. Baker said since I am 46, and 5’7” at 122lbs- need more resistance training to add more muscle weight. . So bought a 47lb barbell off Amazon and have 40 extra pounds added to it. Will continue to progress with that.

    * i had started growing grey hairs in one of my eyebrows, few hairs at a time, but no grey in my blonde hair yet – but assumed it was coming before Carnivore. Now on carnivore I have had no new grey hairs growing in eye brows and still no grey hair in my natural blonde hair. And in the sun it gets super light highlights.

    * no more body odor!

    * I used to get a little anxiety with large crowds- like if attending special events- but since on carnivore I don’t get it that much.

    *I was a bit OCD before carnivore, but so much more relaxed so barely like that.

    * I was a relaxed person before, but somehow am even more relaxed and never stress about things.

    *Since I was a young child my sense of smell has been terrible. But 9 months on carnivore my sense of smell has gone crazy! I smell things even far away! Amazing!

    *no more allergies! I was allergic to cedar and oak pollens- and mold- but since carnivore I am no longer reacting to those outdoor pollens which is amazing!

    If I think of anything else will add. ☺️👍🏻

    I know when people go on carnivore they are trying to heal something, but if they aren’t like me and notice small things- they may not notice they are healing way more than they realized- things plant foods were causing! And they need to remember, processed foods are made from plants- but so are whole foods (raw or cooked!) they are all toxic!

    The carnivore diet cures! ☺️👌🏻 The body is a network made of multiple gears- and if one gets messed up it causes a whole domino affect of problems like I had! The carnivore lifestyle is not a fad, it’s the ancestral human way of eating! Go Carnivore for a few months and see how you feel! ☺️👍🏻

  2. There are people like the rancher, Maggie White, that Dr. Chaffee interviewed that has been on a carnivore diet for over 65 years! She is 82 and looks like she is only 60! You don’t need fiber! Dr. Lisa Weideman has been on carnivore for 14 years like Kelly Hogan, and no fiber! If on a carnivore diet you can move things along with fatty meats just fine. My stools are like clockwork daily. Not embarrassed to say it! Been a zero carb carnivore for 9 months- mainly just beef and some eggs!

    Go watch Professor Bart Kay! You do not need to consume one plant based food- zero fiber!

  3. The bacteria won’t eat your intestinal mucus if you don’t feed it- they will just die off. That’s silly. He needs to talk to Bart Kay. Good grief.

    The leaky gut is from plant based foods…like fiber!

  4. Can some just tell me what I should eat… everything is bad or it's good but bad…veggies good…veggies bad…meat good …meat bad….seed oils…bad….nuts bad …nuts goods…. lectins bad…Too many directions but never a straight line. Is there anyone creating a list of what is what and what it does?

  5. Amino acids are "secondary"? Really Doc? The food our ancestors ate exclusively for lifetimes on end during multiple ice ages is secondary? Sorry not buying it. That's nice that you are tangentially related to Steffanson but you have been banging on about fiber being necessary without any proof for years. I asked you about this at a conference in Denver once and your answer basically came down to, "Well everyone KNOWS that fiber is beneficial." Do they though?

  6. Lustig seems big on convincing people to eat more meat lately, while using scare tactics about the dangers of eating vegetables. Dangerous advice. Look at population-wide studies that show the plant eaters have less diabetes, less heart problems, less cancer.

  7. First time I hear Robert Lustig talking BS. Hugely disappointed. Inuits had CVS disease even 500 years ago, shown in the mummies from the area.
    This talk was a people pleasing exercise. He didn't want the carnivore cult to be disappointed.

  8. it is good to know you can live quite well on meat if you had to, I don't have to so I wouldn't, but at least we know you can. What about that gut bacteria that will eat mucus if it doesn't have fibre? So you are saying you can just eat meat and plants do not matter. So is all food just food for bacteria. Fibre not necessary. ??

  9. You do NOT need fiber!

    “Rancher and Carnivore for 65+ Years! (You Will Not Believe Her Age!)“ by Anthony Chaffee MD

    Watch Dr. Chaffee interview Maggie White, a rancher that has been on carnivore diet for over 65 years. She is actually 82 but looks like she is only 60! She works on her ranch for 14 hours daily, and at times in -40 degree weather! She is in great health!

    This proves the point that you can do this human ancestral way of eating long term! You do not need to consume any plant based foods! Carnivore diet works long term and heals damage from plant based foods!

  10. What about the link between climate and food? Nobody speaks about this link, but it is the foundations of any complete true theory about human metabolism! The meat of wild animals that you eat living in an artic climate of -40 C will not be metabolized in the same way than a piece of meat that you eat if you live in the Sahara desert. People use hot spices to prepare meat ( or fish) where the temperatures outside are very hot and use also coconut oil which has cooling and antibacterial properties…See Ayurveda science, they spoke about this 6000 years ago!… There is a reason. The cosmic intelligence has created the world with a full perfect complete logic. We see and we explain only one side of this perfect reality! Cryotherapy, cold showers, ice bathes and carnivore diet go together! See how many specific reactions happen when our body has to react and survive in a very cold atmosphere! It needs more fat, fat is converted and is burned by the body very quickly or is storaged. And also it is also known that cold increases immunity, is anti-inflammatory and can decrease the inflammation that can create putrefied products of meat in the gut if not associated with a lot of raw vegetables that contain a lot of good fibers during the same meal, what is the good rule in a 4 seasons cool climate place. Cold can also protect us so undirectly against cancer and degenerative diseases! We must integrate different parameters! Food analysed out of a specific geographical context of life is not a total correct approach. That's why a german person who eats an ananas in november when it is humid and rainy will not have the benefits of what ananas contains , because ananas grows where the climate is hot. It will increase mucus in his lungs! And will debilitate his immunity, because not adapted with the season, the climate, the place where this person is living. Etc, etc…

  11. Humans have thrived on a meat based diet for the vast majority of our history. Since adopting it in my 50s, I've thrived on it. It reversed my steady course toward diabetes, provided effortless weight control, and gave me steady energy levels throughout the day. I only wish I had adopted it in my 20s as much of the damage to arteries and organs from being fat and insulin resistant for decades is not reversible.

  12. Ou can't be healthy on carnivor……the potassium levels in meat is to low. Then there corn fed beef that will kill you along with the antibiotics….furthermore look at the bushman in the Kalahari that are carnivor and do not live past 55…..the Kalahari farmers tried the same thing….they die of strokes before the age of 65…..

  13. Go on carnivor you will so realize you only exceed the foods out 3 days later…..so what happens with your gut…..deadly bacteria from meat…..chicken and even fish turn to the most poisonous stool in your intestines. Bushman and carnivor dietary people are plaqued by piles. Come to the Kalahari and learn

  14. Oh wow love this guy he is right on with great information… I need to get off the sugar but it’s so addictive thanks so much for putting out this information so we can make the right choices ❤ now I understand how sugar wrecks your body inside…looking for more great videos ..

  15. Here are some reasons why the carnivore diet may be considered unhealthy:

    Nutrient deficiencies: By eliminating plant-based foods, the carnivore diet can lead to significant nutrient deficiencies. Many essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals are found in plant-based foods and are important for overall health. Without these nutrients, there is an increased risk of deficiencies in vitamins C, E, K, and folate, as well as minerals like potassium and magnesium.

    Lack of dietary fiber: Plant foods are the primary source of dietary fiber, which plays a crucial role in digestive health, maintaining a healthy gut microbiome, and preventing conditions like constipation and colorectal cancer. The absence of dietary fiber in the carnivore diet can negatively impact digestive function.

    Increased risk of chronic diseases: The high intake of animal products in the carnivore diet is associated with a higher intake of saturated fat and cholesterol, which can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and certain types of cancer. Conversely, diets rich in plant-based foods have been linked to a reduced risk of chronic diseases.

    Impact on gut health: The lack of fiber and plant compounds in the carnivore diet can negatively affect the diversity and balance of the gut microbiome. A healthy gut microbiome is associated with various health benefits, including immune function, mental well-being, and the prevention of certain diseases.

    Long-term sustainability: The carnivore diet is highly restrictive and eliminates entire food groups, which can make it challenging to meet nutritional needs and sustain the diet in the long term. The lack of dietary variety can also lead to monotony and reduced enjoyment of meals.

  16. When antibiotics are used to promote growth or prevent diseases in animals raised for food, it can lead to the development and spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

    The use of antibiotics in animals can create an environment where bacteria can evolve and develop resistance to these drugs. When humans consume meat or other animal products from animals treated with antibiotics, they may be exposed to these resistant bacteria. If a person becomes infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, it can be more difficult to treat their infections using common antibiotics, potentially leading to prolonged illness, increased healthcare costs, and even mortality.

    The transfer of antibiotic-resistant bacteria from animals to humans can occur through various pathways, including direct contact with animals, consumption of contaminated food, or environmental contamination. Additionally, the use of animal manure in agriculture can contribute to the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in soil, water, and plants.

  17. Unfortunately, the issue is not as simple as eating all meat and everything will be fine. I did this for 1 month and got severely constipated. I can talk only from MY experience, but I guess that when you change your diet from standard junk food to Keto or even carnivore… you better be cautious.
    So I had my setback, took me two weeks to get back on track again…
    According to Dr Berry (also on youtube) one has to eat a 2:1 fat to meat ratio… this is impossible. I guess he misspoke… it is probably 1:2 Fat to meat ratio.
    Just to be sure I drink a glass of soluble fiber (metamusil) every evening. YOU MUST AVOID constipation at any cost… you may even end up in the hospital with damage to your colon.
    For all these doctors, it is most important to understand, that the majority of people who watch these videos are NOT healthy, in fact they are very ill.

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