Monday, September 25, 2023
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Carnivorist Chats Episode 22 with “The Plant Free MD” Dr. Anthony Chaffee (re-release)

I had to go back and remaster this amazing chat with Dr. Chaffee. So much valuable information. Enjoy !

Dr. Chaffee is an American medical doctor specializing in Neurosurgery who over a span of 20 years has researched the optimal nutritional habits for athletic performance and health. Dr. Chaffee has dedicated many years and a large part of his professional practice to the study and education of diet and nutrition, and personally practices a fully carnivorous diet to this day. He currently resides in Perth, Australia, where he specializes in Neurosurgery and does private consultations and clinics in functional medicine and nutrition.

It was an honor to chat with Dr. Chaffee, as his knowledge and the content he shares were so impactful on my own health journey. We even got a chance to do a little Q&A at the end.

I hope you enjoy this information packed episode.

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3 thoughts on “Carnivorist Chats Episode 22 with “The Plant Free MD” Dr. Anthony Chaffee (re-release)
  1. First I want to say that what so many suffered from Covid was horrible but for some of us it gave us the opportunity to get away from our doctors who didn’t help to finding amazing doctors like Dr Chaffee. We had the time to try and help ourselves without our brainwashed doctors getting in the way of our healing by telling me I was on the healthiest diet. I was not a YouTube watcher at all but I had natural healer tell me to look up Sally Norton. One small suggestion saved my life along with Dr Chaffee who explains in a way that I could understand and believe. My vegan brain couldn’t understand much.

  2. Love this guy! I'm on one his challenges again – really struggle sticking to being strict. I think this is his best interview, it's so thorough. Thanks James!

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