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Mitochondrial Health

Oxydative Phosphorylation||Electron Chain Transport||ETC Complexes||@drpnpandey708

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Oxydative Phosphorylation||Electron Chain Transport||ETC Complexes||@drpnpandey708

Oxidative phosphorylation is the final step in cellular respiration. It occurs in the mitochondria. It is linked to a process known as electron transport chain. The electron transport system is located in the inner mitochondrial membrane. The electrons are transferred from one member of the transport chain to another through a series of redox reactions.
Oxidative phosphorylation, also known as electron transport-linked phosphorylation, refers to the metabolic pathway in which the energy released by nutrients during oxidation is utilized to generate ATP through electrical transport chain. And it is an important cellular energy conversion process and the final process of cell respiration in eukaryotes.
Oxidative phosphorylation occurs in the mitochondrial inner membrane of eukaryotic cells or the cytoplasm of prokaryotes.
Oxidative Phosphorylation & Substrate-Level Phosphorylation

When it comes to oxidative phosphorylation, we have to talk about its “good partner”–substrate-level phosphorylation.
Substrate-level phosphorylation is a metabolic reaction in which the energy-rich phosphorylated compound resulting from the coupled reaction transfers its phosphate group to ADP for ATP synthesis. Or GDP is recharged a phosphate group to generate GTP.

The Function of Oxidative Phosphorylation

Oxidative phosphorylation provides bulk ATP for living organisms, and the ATP is the main energy source for maintaining life activity. Oxidative phosphorylation also involves the formation
of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and the regulation of apoptosis.—— Glycolysis—–Human body diseases—- Respiratory system and its disease—— Nervous system and its diseases—Heart vessels and its diseases—-Circulatory system—-Digestive system and its diseases—– Exocrine Gland and gland

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