Thursday, September 21, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

TAURINE EXTENDS LIFE UP TO 23% | New Study June 2023

Taurine User / Dosage Guide + full analysis of the latest taurine supplement study. How to use taurine for anti-aging and life extension.

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38 thoughts on “TAURINE EXTENDS LIFE UP TO 23% | New Study June 2023
  1. This is hilarious

    Every study that gets funding shows. OMG.. wait for it… some mineral , vitamin , amino acid is essential for wellbeing

    Well wouldn’t you know that.

  2. Studies on beating addictions used 8 to 12 grams and higher – success rates were from 83% to 97% without counseling AND ONLY voluntary food journaling and "self directed" "food elimination" those results were within 6 to 12 months AND follow ups at two and three years showed only a 5% to 9% relapse rate for various addictions studied.

  3. Additional studies discussed the role of Taurine as a precursor to serotonin…93& of higher of serotonin is produced in the gut lining FOR USE in the gut lining mostly for repair maintenance… further studies looked at the role in healing leaky gut….

  4. The body produces Taurine from Cysteine.
    We usually doesn't get enough of Cysteine. And its important among other things for Glutathion.

    That makes me think it might be the saving of Cysteine by supplementing with Taurine which is healthy.

    It's actually likely we would get about the same health effect by supplementing with Cysteine.

    These piecemeal reserch articles makes a mess of things!

  5. He ends the video with the advice for pregnant to "consult with your doctor" before supplementing with Taurine.

    I hope that doesnt prevent those pregnant from that. It's actually even more important for pregnant to get enough Taurine!

    Most doctors, of course, haven't heard of Taurine. Those who have, immediately thinks about energy drinks, and would warn against anything in them!

  6. If the liver produces taurine from cysteine, I'd be curious to see if GlyNAC (glycine and n-acetyl-cysteine) supplementation raises the taurine level to the point of not needing to separately supplement taurine.

  7. Which is why as you age you need more meat. Unfortunately when your appetite goes down. As an older person I eat all the meat on my plate first. Most nutrition dence food on the plate.
    Unfortunately my husband does not and the cats generally get his left overs.

  8. I have 1000mg each of Taurine AM and 1000mg Glycine PM.

    Cysteine does not suit me, but Taurine helps immensely esp for heart & brain health. It also gives me energy boost.

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