Friday, September 29, 2023
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The Hindu | Daily Editorial and News Analysis | 25 and 26th June 2023 | UPSC CSE’23 | Rahul Bhardwaj

In this session, Educator Rahul Bhardwaj will cover the latest News and Editorial Analysis from The Hindu, one of India’s leading newspapers. You can expect a comprehensive overview of the day’s most important news stories, along with insightful analysis and expert opinion.

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50 thoughts on “The Hindu | Daily Editorial and News Analysis | 25 and 26th June 2023 | UPSC CSE’23 | Rahul Bhardwaj
  1. Sir Please continue Quiz. Ignore the Non Serious Aspirants who are not attending to the Quiz. the Quiz was very helpful in retaining content we have acquired throughout the week. So please continue the Quiz sir.

  2. Yes sir continue the quiz session …and i may not join the live cls but surely i will listen to ur DNA cls and quiz session later on but on that day itself …and i feel blessed listening to ur cls ….TQ once again sir

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