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The Alarming Rise in Parkinson’s Disease with Dr. Ray Dorsey | The Empowering Neurologist EP. 167

Welcome one and all to another enlightening episode of The Empowering Neurologist. Joining us is Dr. Ray Dorsey, Professor of Neurology at the University of Rochester, a stalwart advocate for Parkinson’s disease, and a renowned researcher in the field. With a profound belief in the power of awareness and knowledge, Dr. Dorsey dedicates his life to a cause that is impacting millions globally. He stands at the forefront of the fight against Parkinson’s disease, a fight that is becoming increasingly critical as we see a staggering rise in the incidence of this condition.

Dr. Dorsey is not just an accomplished physician but also an engaging author. His groundbreaking book, Ending Parkinson’s Disease, is a critical exploration that sheds light on this global health crisis. It offers an enlightening perspective on Parkinson’s disease and, so importantly as we discuss in this episode, its modifiable risk factors, raising consciousness and hope about this life-altering condition.

His book is an earnest appeal to policymakers, researchers, physicians, and the general public to recognize the escalating crisis and join the battle to end Parkinson’s. It also serves as a testament to his belief in our collective ability to mitigate this crisis, beginning with understanding the risk factors that we can change.

We delve into the comprehensive world of Ending Parkinson’s Disease, discuss the modifiable risk factors, and explore ways to curb the skyrocketing incidences of Parkinson’s. It is our shared responsibility, and understanding is the first step.

So, please enjoy this fascinating interview.



0:00 Intro
0:50 Rise in Parkinson’s
3:20 MPTP
8:10 Trichloroethylene (TCE)
13:14 Call to Action
16:19 Prevention of Parkinson’s
32:00 Caffeine and Smoking
37:25 Head Trauma
39:27 Conclusion

Dr. Ray Dorsey is the David M. Levy Professor of Neurology at the University of Rochester.  Ray is working to identify and eliminate the root causes of Parkinson’s disease.  His research on brain diseases and digital health has been published in leading academic journals and featured in multiple news outlets.  In 2020, Ray and his colleagues wrote Ending Parkinson’s Disease, a book that provides a prescription for ending the world’s fastest growing brain disease.

Ray previously directed the movement disorders division and neurology telemedicine at Johns Hopkins and worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company. In 2015, the White House recognized him as a “Champion for Change” for Parkinson’s disease.




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32 thoughts on “The Alarming Rise in Parkinson’s Disease with Dr. Ray Dorsey | The Empowering Neurologist EP. 167
  1. This is critically important information. Thank you.

    I wonder whether damage to the substantia nigra (and dopaminergic cells) caused by these chemicals might also be responsible for essential tremor.

    And while prevention would be wonderful, it would also be great to hear Linda Ronstadt's voice again.

  2. I worked in a steel mill as a teen in the 70's, there was a barrel of it beside our line that we used to wash our hands before lunch. I only worked there for 3 years, but dread the possibilities, as I've had 'idiopathic' tremors in my hands and arms…

  3. A friend who lived in area near Ford rd in Newport Beach / Corona Del Mar (the area he mentioned) just died from ALS. Read an article about a man in the newspaper, also lived in back Bay Area of Newport Beach who has ALS.

  4. It’s funny that the White House acknowledged his work considering that they are essentially the figurehead for the corporations which are poisoning our environment and creating all of these diseases in the first place. (which the corporations also profit wildly from). It’s like we are being farmed by a corrupt government which is in bed with the mega corporations.

  5. I assume it could be other neurotoxins as well. And, other neurological diseases. Linda Ronstadt did a LOT of cocaine, so did Robin Williams and Richard Pryor (MS).

  6. We are living in a sea of chemicals. Farms, golf courses, hair salons, dry cleaners, car mechanic, lawn service, bug spray’s in our homes and schools, furniture retardants, paint and varnish, pool chemicals, carpets, floor adhesive, garden bug spray’s, vinyl off gassing in new cars, spraying fruit trees and berries, and many more. There’s no escaping it!! 😳

  7. 9 years ago I was developing the most horrific migraines with increasing frequency. Regular MDs just wanted to prescribe migraine drugs, no concern for finding a root cause. Thank God I found a brilliant Naturopath in La Jolla, CA who ran a chemical toxin test. She discovered sky high levels of Perchlorate and Bromopropane. Glutathione IVs were a lifesaver for helping me to detox. I don’t work around chemicals and I don’t dryclean my clothes very often at all. My exposure was purely environmental. We really need a functional EPA and FDA. As it stands now, these agencies are totally captured by the industries that are poisoning us.

  8. 13:57 There is a former marine air base in Tustin, CA near The District. I think the environment in that area is heavily contaminated with this chemical as well. It really should have been a SuperFund site but Lennar just decided to develop it and build homes. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  9. This issue is a symptom of a much bigger problem. This country desperately needs regime change. Imagine if we had leadership like RFK Jr, who actually takes environmental issues seriously and knows how to go after the corporations behind the problem.

  10. Speaking of cars. New cars absolutely stink too. And if you smoke long term, You will probably die of lung cancer before you get Parkinson's symptoms

  11. I have many acquaintances that have gotten Parkinsons' disease. The one thing they all have in common is alcohol consumption. Seriously do we really know what they put in this stuff? This is one product that doesn't have to have a label of ingredients. That mixture of sugar and chemicals must have something to do with it. JMO

  12. No need to dry clean anymore.
    What is banned in Europe should be banned automatically here because our agencies are corrupted. Bought and paid for.
    Look at foods and what we allow in food here in US that is not allowed in other countries. Disturbing.

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