Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Best Diet for Fixing POOR SLEEP

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The Best Diet to Fix Poor Sleep

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro – The Best Diet to Fix Poor Sleep
0:57 – Use Code THOMAS for 10% off Timeline Nutrition’s MitoPure!
2:00 – Hummus
4:00 – Fiber
5:31 – Raw or Aged Dairy
7:24 – Fatty Fish


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20 thoughts on “The Best Diet for Fixing POOR SLEEP
  1. i might hold the world champion of sleeping. for the last 15 years, as a loner without working, i've been with total freedom anarchy when to sleep and eat, no matter the time whatsoever, and i sleep approximately 1/3 of the time, but it is elastic. it depends on many factors in example if i get beans i won't sleep until the storm ends, if i get mosquito i will wake up, if there's a fight on the street. if it is spanish summer i will hide from the noon sun exposure "siesta". the quality of air contamination matters to be outdoors sleeping on terrace or indoors, if it is rainy, the noise of street, the celebrations of the city, i also need to be aware when sundays because there is no fresh food supply and also don't miss the times when shops are opened, i love to be awaken at 4am when there is better air so i can ventilate my big house as storage of air. i love taking photos of the sunset, it is a crepuscular adn thing, the diarreahs from supplements causes changes in the flexible dosages and timings, the inclusion of stimulants wakes you up, the sex will wake me up for hour then go to sleep. i often sleep 2.5 to repair previous unfinished sleep. if i am "working" on a song or repairing like mcgyver i might be concentrated so many hours non stop. if i did too much exercise (HIIT) i go to sleep inmediatly after. if it rains with thunders i am alert, if i drunk excessive water i would interrupt sleep to take a pee and probably continue sleeping 3 hours later. since days duration of light are elastic throughout the year, i probably am influenced, and so the moon cycle alert at fullmoon, at winter i want to sunbath at noon. then everytime there is a pink spectacular sunset ( every bug change of cold to warmer or viceversa ) i want to sunbath. if i travel far on bicycle for grocery i would go to sleep sooner. if i watch south park i hypnotize to sleep no matter how my body was. i am not even sure if i always respect that the days has 24 hours. i lost the track, i might sleep like a cat or newborn, with unpredictibility. living the night the city seems only a village. far way better. if i want to make barbecue must not be at night or neighbors would complain. if it rains i would not cook outdoors. if it rains i must collect the water for my gardens. the trash truck, the gas seller and other loud amplified sellers like knife sharpening service wakes everyone. eventually some neighbour might disturb me for mcgyver's help, or ask me permission to park their car on my place. i am flexible. my brain does work perfectly, creating the substances of feel to sleep, and i disagree with that NUN concept of following strict schedule, as if nightime was unethical cause god says so. the scientific publications are biased by this religious and culture. because social comformity want us to live during the day, dictated by normality of everybody. but daytime lifestyle it is not healthier as how everyone claims. i am healthier than average. sleeping with in and out current air flow means 3 extra hours of sleep, but sometimes the air outside is stinky from factories so no other remedy than sleeping with lack of oxygen. but when it is ok, on winter i see no neighbour with opened windows at night because they don't have feather/dawn mountaineering special clothing, and because they are ignorant of the fact that cancer is anaerobic.
    i am flexible at sleeping and eating. and since 210 days ago i started the antiageing protocol taking (so far) 92 supplements.

  2. I have to admit, I was on keto for a couple of years and though I definitely made positive ground as far as health goes, the main thing I noticed was I woke up many times throughout the night on keto which was the ONLY thing frustrating on clean keto. Fast forward to just 6 months ago, I wanted to experiment and change over to carnivore just to try it out because I was having trouble putting on muscle being 52 years old on keto, I stayed trim, just struggled putting on muscle. Now that I have changed over to carnivore, I have put on 10 lbs of muscle in 6 months and sleep like a baby again…it's so nice to sleep through most of the night now, I might wake up once to pee but many times I sleep all of the way through but I eat about 5 to 6 pasture raised eggs each day and about 15 oz. of meat every day along with bacon and butter. I FINALLY found my groove that helps me with deep REM sleep!!! What a relief!

  3. Thomas, keep pushing sardines and mackerel, Fantastic proteins with omega 3's. I'm building more muscle and strength, fantastic recovery due to less inflammation.

  4. When I returned from living in a high altitude city I was very sleepy and slept a lot perhapes due to higher red blood cell count. I got the same feeling when camping in the woods, perhapes due to higher O2 levels. So, increasing B6 from chick peas may work in the same way. Then again nutritional yeast should do it, too, but I don't feel it.

  5. regular cheese is still good for the heart like the blocks made with non homogenized milk not those garbage kraft cheese slices but real cheese lowers risk of CVD upto a certain amunt befre it starts to get wrse and basically as much for CHD preventiion which runs in my family, Goat gouda is my favorite

  6. Hmmmn Mark Sisson has entered the chat… You dropped some good knowledge there, Thank You!
    It is easy to perform at high levels in your 30s, whole different story to be killing in your 60s, testosterone makes doing hard things pleasurable as Andrew Huberman would say.

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