Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health


Cancer is a disease that involves genetic mutations, but there is a growing perspective that it can also be characterized as a mitochondrial metabolic disease. This alternative viewpoint suggests significant implications for the development of new, non-toxic cancer therapies. In an interview with Dr. Christy Kesslering, she explores the merits of this concept, discusses the dogmatic ideology that may hinder its progress in mainstream medicine, and raises concerns about the potential harm caused by current cancer treatments. This thought-provoking interview reveals alternative insights into cancer and its treatment strategies.

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16 thoughts on “WHAT IS NON-TOXIC CANCER THERAPY? – Dr. Westman Reacts
  1. Thank you Dr Westman so much for this video. Good to see Dr Seyfried get a shout out (40 plus years of research into the causes of all cancer and its cure). Dr. Christy Kesslering by appreciating the work of Dr Seyfried is actually talking against her own best interests as an expert radiation oncologist, obviously an honest person that puts truth above self interest. I'd love to see you do a reaction video or better yet an interview with the always entertaining Dr Seyfried who's work and seminal book (actually two books, one for medical folks and one for the less informed reader) you are aware of. Best regards.

  2. A friend (age 76) was diagnosed with clear cell ovarian cancer in Dec. 2020. The mass is inoperable, and she's had chemo and radiation. Recently started taking immunotherapy using Keytruda. An MRI found it hasn't reduced or enlarged the size of the tumor. She is vegetarian, almost vegan (meaning avoids dairy and eggs). I wonder if becoming pseudo carnivore using Impossible Burger patties (made from plants) and Beyond Burger plant-based patties might benefit her.

  3. Im 9 years post treatment for stage III breast cancer. I found keto 6 years ago and my onco is very supportive. Ive had two isolated metastases treated over the last four years but am still in remission and its all happening so much slower than we originally expected. Id love to do the course but im due for hip replacement in a few days so the timing is wrong. Will Dr Kesserling be running her course again?

  4. Hasn't Thomas Seyfried been talking about this for years? Why haven't many of these so called keto docs interviewed him? He is world renowned in this field but because he speaks against what the medical establishment is pushing, he's ignored.

  5. I've been studying this through yours and other videos for a couple of years now. Now when I hear something like obesity is a risk factor for this or that, I assume that that really means metabolic syndrome is a risk factor.

  6. I just shudder at the billions of dollars spent on cancer research that was wasted when the answer was so simple. Nutrition being the key, but eating right never made a scientist or drug company or hospital any money. I hate the loss of life

  7. Good to have some enquiry going on in this area, but best not to overstate results for cancer which are not at all conclusive. I'm always hesitant with claims that show a commercial interest and begin with selling a course. Bias will be driving a lot of what is being said.

  8. AUD $440 for her online course. That's good money. There are more and more people with pecuniary interests spruiking keto and their theories relating to it. I'll give the keto salesmen a miss and stick to a low carb diet with no processed foods. It works, it improves health, and it costs nothing as all the info is free online.

  9. Prof. Thomas Seyfried – "Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: Implications for Novel Therapies" is the best video to watch if you're interest is piqued by this subject.

  10. I have been doing the low carb for two weeks now. I have been feeling really tired but losing weight. Trying to help alleviate some inflammation. Now my gout is trying to flare. Is there something I can do.

  11. I consider this a cancer topic since mRNA has been linked to increase in cancers.
    Have you heard about animal meats, pork especially & now beef being injected with mRNA so they can claim "no antibiotics used".
    If so, how can we protect ourselves? Not sure the synthetic DNA can be destroyed with normal cooking? Would love to know your thoughts!❤

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