Monday, September 25, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Ep 93: How Cortisol Affects Your Mitochondria & Acute vs Chronic Stress (Stress & Mitochondria Pt 1)

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In this episode we discuss:
-Why stress is not your friend
-The effects of cortisol on your mitochondria
-Hans Selye’s general adaptation syndrome
-How cortisol causes mitochondrial dysfunction, heart disease, insulin resistance, autoimmunity, allergies & hypersensitivity, mineral imbalances, and cancer metabolism
-Why acute stress does not lead to improved health via hormesis

0:00 – intro
1:03 – Hans Selye’s general adaptation syndrome and the process of stress in relation to energy balance
20:30 – the 3 main effects of the stress hormones in the acute stress response and the cost to this response
28:48 – long-term glucocorticoid exposure causes insulin resistance and the protective effects of high blood sugar in certain contexts
31:04 – how long-term stress causes degeneration
31:55 – functions of the mitochondria
35:54 – mitochondria upregulate energy production in response to stress
38:06 – the short-term vs. long-term effects of the glucocorticoids (cortisol)
41:03 – how stress causes hormetic adaptations and how the hormetic pathways cause degeneration over time
47:30 – how mitochondria respond to excess stress and how this relates to fat gain
56:04 – how chronic stress and exposure to cortisol causes impaired energy production, degeneration, immunosuppression & autoimmunity, mineral imbalance, swelling, allergies & hypersensitivity, and cancer metabolism

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