Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Reawakening Humanity’s Role in the Dance of Nature – Dr. Zach Bush | Wake the Fake Up EP 30

Dr. Zach Bush joins the podcast today to dive deep on a journey into the microcosm of individual health and the macrocosm of the health of the planet. From what’s required at the cellular level to what’s required at the level of soil, air and and water, Zach breaks down the necessity of proper water and carbon cycles for the health of any living organism.

Zach’s message reminds us that every species matters, every species is here to enrich the biodiversity and the intelligence of the planet and that humans are here to experience just enough disconnection, through the five senses, to bear witness to the majesty of nature.

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0:00 Intro
3:24 Zach’s View of Life
9:22 Mitochondria and Disease
19:09 Nutrition and Soil Health
29:07 The Journey out of Academia
35:15 Natural Law and Biodiversity
50:17 How Humans Were Designed
1:14:22 Disrupting Earth’s Circuitry
1:24:53 We Need CO2
1:31:18 Revitalizing Africa
1:48:48 Conclusion


Zach Bush, MD is a renowned, multi-disciplinary physician of internal medicine, endocrinology, hospice care and internationally recognized educator on the microbiome as it relates to human health, soil health, food systems, and a regenerative future.


Zach Bush MD


ION (Intelligence of Nature)




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28 thoughts on “Reawakening Humanity’s Role in the Dance of Nature – Dr. Zach Bush | Wake the Fake Up EP 30
  1. Curious about how he mentioned the solar fibers systems 20 times smaller than hairs. Compare that to the fibers that attack “morgellons disease” sufferers, perhaps these are the same fiber networks only they are channeling dark matter rather than solar & attacking patients.

  2. This is the most powerful, beautiful, heart opening conversation. To be witness to the beauty of nature as a being of nature itself. This right here is what it’s all about. My cells are vibrating and my heart is glowing. SO much gratitude for you both. ❤

  3. Zach Bush, MD, scores 5/5 on our Quack Scale. He represents a very real danger to the general public, and we encourage members of the public to seek alternate medical or health advice and products from reliable, trustworthy sources. Do not follow recommendations from this individual relating to your personal health or the health of others and do not be misled into purchasing his products or enrolling in his new-age courses offered as cures to your ills.

    If you’re not sure how our Quack Scale

  4. Buckle up because this conversation goes deep! Zach is a brilliant mind and his perspectives are influential. He embodies love beautifully and may that ripple out to everyone that comes across this message.

  5. Enjoyed this ❤❤
    The part about viruses left me wanting more explanation from Dr. Bush. As usual, after processing someone's hypothesis on viruses, I find myself back to wondering why we'd never go around making out w people w herpes sores, coughing their heads off Lol

  6. That was incredible. I feel blessed to have come across this podcast on a day where I really needed to hear it! Blessings to both of you for the amazing work you contribute to the creating og a more beautiful world for all.

  7. Im going to comment EVERY time I Rewatch this!! Epic – Thank you Chervin for asking the most epic questions to really get in Zach’s mind. ❤ You’re amazing – He’s amazing – Ive been waiting for this moment to see you two talk!! Honored to be here during this time of change for the better

  8. ❤❤ WOW! Thas was an incredible conversation! Right at the end I opened my heart, thought about Mother Earth and the elephants and tears just fell out my eyes down my face! I was so present to Love that I know I CAN & Will make a difference to the earth i this lifetime! Thank You Dr Zach and Chervin! Pure magic 🦉❤

  9. We need this interview chopped up in small segments for a continuous release in the next months so we can share them without making ppl immediately overwhelmed.

  10. This is a question for Zach, do you think there is any resonance in the moment of human creation represented in our mythology of Adam and Eve being the moment of becoming self aware (as in separation and seeing the sunset) but that the first half of the story had to be the masculine (Adam’s) experience of that in seeing scarcity, and that now as Zach often says the divine feminine is awakening, Eve (humanity) is now experiencing her version of the five senses which will compliment and complete, rather than compete with Adam’s view…

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