Saturday, September 30, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Randle Cycle – B Kay Feb 2023 [updated version]


Today’s video is the most recent Randle Cycle video as at June 2023

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42 thoughts on “The Randle Cycle – B Kay Feb 2023 [updated version]
  1. What if you have a very miniscule amount of fruit, like eating 95% carnivore but having a small serving of wild blueberries or other fruit? Is a tiny bit okay? Is the dose the poison? Staying lower than 50 carbs a day perhaps to remain in ketosis!

  2. Ok, but what is a significant amount of carbohydrate? I know, I know "not one gram ever" is NEEDED. But if I just have to have it, and I keep it under, say, 100 grams, am I in the red?

  3. Your best to date rundown of the Randle cycle, loved it, and loved the Ray Peat stuff as well.
    Also deuterium plays a role in succinate and fumarate pathways, something these the raypeaters ignore about their carb centric diet.
    I need to go back and relook at the methylene groups of succinate, but I'd really like to know what your take is on methylene blue? I'm in two minds about it, on the one hand i see it as reductionist, but still could be useful for some people with excess deuterium in them or am i also being reductionist on this point, since all enzymes have a level of rate limiting factor. To be honest Bart, the last time I had a look, was nearly five years ago, when I was looking deep into deuterium. I still feel deuterium depletion with animal fats and or depleted water is still the best approach and taurine amplification of melatonin to both heal the mitochondria at night.
    Can you please do something on methylene blue, the good, the bad and the ugly…

  4. Awesome, been wanting to understand this better since first hearing it through binging your content throughout my work day. It's been a real Matrix awakening, thank you.

  5. Best one yet. Full of useful information as usual. These educational uploads are the best even though I still enjoy the takedowns of others once in a while. Keep up the great work Bart. Well done.

  6. Professor, one thing is not clear for me.
    On the Krebs cycle diagram, it shows that beta oxidation's end product is acetyl-CoA. That acetyl-CoA can ONLY enter via citrate right??
    If I'm correct, only pyruvate has the alternative route to oxaloacetate and beta-oxid. doesnt.
    In that case, if through beta-oxidation FADH2 inhibits the "citrate – cis-aconitate – D-isocitrate" half of the cycle, then how can acetyl-coA from beta-oxidation still run the cycle. Since acetyl-coA can only enter from the citrate pathway?

  7. Part one is such a crucial principle it should be compulsory training for all primary care physicians. Any sceptics can be immersed in Part two until the penny drops. Some sports academics / coaches are under the impression that overall energy levels drop at high intensity activity. This is true during adaptation from carb to ketone "crossover". When fully fat adapted any athlete will have optimum energy and faster recovery with little to no DOMS. Thank you Prof. Kay.

  8. Ray Pete studied what he could find. He was limited by this. I suspect his study missed a great deal of the last 30 years.

    The minions of him are often confused by his message. I have seen him speak on video interview. The interviewer often is working him for words they want to hear him say.

    He seemed to close test door on science research and limit his knowledge to older science. I suspect to him the Randall Cycle is to New to accept without questions. This is why his minions are confused.

  9. I am one that finds Dr. Honey to be peculiar. He never had a weight problem so that is a +. He has been clear of the heart healthy seed oils for long enough that they have been purged to a great extent. He exercises a great deal and thus a greater need for energy. He has access to all forms of pharmaceutical medications so we don't know this influence on his physical form.

    He is marketing himself to be the next Ray Pete. The minions need a leader. He can make a lot of money from this.

    I do see him as demonstrating that when cleared of Omega 6 fats from seeds in cells, very active, not overweight, and eating clean that a human can eat fructose & sucrose to a personal threshold. He could be achieving this with medication.

  10. The Randal Cycle seems to need a period of no energy intake to balance and reset. This is called fasting by many. This is often done as intermittent fasting. Meat based diets make this effortless for many.

  11. Well done nice talk, closed some gaps for me. In a presentation by Dr Michael Eades on the electron chain (a few years ago) he spoke about the reduction of complex 2 causing the production of free radicals as providing a satiety signal and stoping the influx of carbs and fats by blocking the receptor (glut4) . He said that the beta oxidation of saturated fats produced a ratio of NADH to FADH that caused the satiety signal while beta oxidation of omega 6s didn't and carbs didn't. Thus he said that we should eat much more saturated fat. He also mentioned that if too much omega 6 fat was consumed the membranes of the mitochondria get made from the omega 6 fatty acid. The omega 6s used in the mitochondrial membrane are easily damaged and then allow the protons to leak out reducing the motor force for ATP synthase. Again his conclusion was eat saturated animal source foods. I'm not able to judge the correctness of his talk but it seemed to make some sense would you have some comments on those concepts.

  12. hm, i know i'm not "allowed" to be sceptical about anything Super Superior Master Science Professor Genius Expert Bart says, but like any other scientists he might be able to misinterpret some science, just like those who measure cholesterol in people with heart disease and conclude that it must be cholesterol being the cause.. i'm wondering about the thing he says about not separating carb and fats during the day (or couple hours), and that it has to be separated by 72 hours, because(?) that's the time it takes to get in ketosis.. well, it might sound correct at first, but not related on second thought.. because if that's how long it's supposed to take before the cells are "unblocked" and can recieve carbs OR fat again, it means that we should only eat every 72 hours! (or rather everything we eat will float around in the blood waiting 72 hours to get in) because apparently it's all blocked for 72 hours! no cells are able to recieve any carbs or fat, according to this "logic".. i'm just saying that it MIGHT be possible that it doesn't need to be separated by 72 hours.. it's probably more something about when the cells has used/burned the fat/carbs and then "opens" and can recieve new fat/carbs again.. and that doesn't take 72 hours…. i'm 100% sure that i will be hated for saying this, and that i am not suppose to say anything, because i didn't have "25 years of science experience"… 😛 i'm also aware that ofcourse i have misunderstood 😉 because it's not about the cells being blocked by carbs/fat, but probably that the cell is blocked by specifically fat alone and it has to be burned by ketones before the cell opens up again, so you will need to be in ketosis then.. that's the only way it can make sense to mention the 72 hour ketosis thing.. hm, or maybe that doesn't have anything to do with anything either, because it's the biproduct (i forgot what it was called) that is the issue, and caused by glucose in the blood that can't get into the cells, and not about when it opens.. and because the issue only happens when eating fat+carbs at the same time… ok, it still doesn't make sense then, because the question was about separating fat and carbs, as in; eating carbs alone which is then NOT blocked by fat, and then shouldn't give any problems.. why wait 72 hours before eating fat? or the other way around, does it take 72 hours for the fat to be burned and cells can easily use glucose again? people are able to burn fat and lose weight without being in ketosis, so the body can figure out how to use fat as fuel without the need to wait 72 hours for ketosis to kick in.. it's mixing up some concepts that are related, but doesn't completly make sense..

  13. Hello 🙂 Quick Question: I saw you in a video talking about how you should eat meat until you are full, but in another video someone said that the optimal protein is around 1,75g/ kg. But like 4000kcal in meat is definitely over 1,75g/kg of protein😅
    many carnivores on youtube talk about how you should eat meat until you are full, but if i do that I'll end up with like 300g of protein and that can't be good, right?

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