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What are the common symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

What are the common symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

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12 thoughts on “What are the common symptoms of Fibromyalgia?
  1. I have hyshimotos thyroid disease and have come down with fibermialja as well could you please help me come up with a diet of food to eat.and supplements I could take my doctor won't help me.

  2. Does anyone else have hard bands running the width of their muscles. They feel like speed bumps. I have at least one in every muscle. They get so tight I get pinched nerves, especially in my hips and the inside of my knees.

  3. Thank you , You have described everything Iโ€™m going through and have done for the majority of my life with more enhanced symptoms the last few years no one gives me the answers Iโ€™m looking for tysmfs

  4. I have had wide spread muscle pain since I was a little girl that no one could diagnose. It can be severe throbbing pain. Doctors said I would outgrow it. Growing pains. Nope. Still have it at 52!

  5. Dr. Dailey, I have tried Everything and STILL trying everything new that I find, for over 35 years. The pain that hurts the most, is the creepy crawly pain that I get when it is going to rain, which is frequent in the mountains, where I live. It feels like pain bugs, under my skin and gets so bad that it brings me to tears. Is there any study on this or suggestions ? I eat a good diet, take appropriate fibromyalgia supplements & some very good things for brain fog, such as pharmaceutical grade methylene blue. Dr. Bill Clearfield has the best video on that – ever, here on YT. I still deal with daily pain & get out of bed due to ONE thing = hydrocodone. I finally broke down & took the pain meds after 6 years in bed. So, back to the creepy crawly pain, it is debilitating and if I could conquer that, I'd function to some degree of normal on rainy days.

  6. My life. Thank you for your help Dr. I wanted to ask how it's possible to know if you are in pain from the actual fibromyalgia or another condition. At the moment I am in excruciating pain by my kidneys. The hospitals where I am are useless and going to one leaves one anxious and in fear so trying to do much from home. I was diagnosed in 2014. After COVID-19 I am in more pain and discomfort. Please please advise. Based in South Africa. ๐Ÿ™ Also poverty stricken. Funds are minimal.

  7. Where is your clinic? I have severe fibromyalgia, I have RA but due to diet my factor has come down, also have tested positive for Lupus over the course of several tests and several years. I just donโ€™t have any other symptoms other than pain. I also have severe ibs-c. I dont eat gluten, I dont eat sugar alternatives, and drink water mostly.

  8. After several years of research, I am confident I have this. After about 40 years of age, I developed all these symptoms. My clinic dismisses me. Tests for auto-immune diseases are negative. As a human being, there is something wrong with me; however, I have no choice but to live with it. No physician will understand until they experience it!! I know what it is like to NOT have fibromyalgia symptoms, so patients know !!

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