Thursday, September 21, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

High Triglycerides and Plaque Reversal Using Supplements (LIVE)

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22 thoughts on “High Triglycerides and Plaque Reversal Using Supplements (LIVE)
  1. Really enjoy your videos, big help ! 2 years ago had some health issues, including gull blatter stones. Reduced carbs to under 50, eliminated sugar, wheat, grains, all prossessed foods, than did a 3 day water fast to reset my system, than started eating a very low carb under 30, low carb veggies, high quality meats, eggs, seafoods. Feel like a new man, like I did in my 20s, blood work is great now. And no more gull blatter issues! My prior diet was a high carb, that was ruining my health. Going great on low carb higher healthy fats and proteins and my blood work proves it.

  2. Have also been doing hot cold therapeutic routines. Hot sauna followed by cold plunge or cold showers. Implemented time restricted eating, two meals a day, breakfast around 9 or 10am and last meal at 2 or 3 pm for last two years 18 to 20 hours fasting, big health improvements and increaseing mussel mass and strength.

  3. I am helping to rebuild my vascular health with Endocalyx Pro because it is the glycocalyx that has to get better. I also use NMN to keep my NAD and 40 grams of prebiotics fiber and I feel great.

  4. what supplements can you take for lowering your cac score . have been taking 5 different supplements with statins, now wondering if I should stop the supplements

  5. Mulberry Leaf looks safe to me. We don't know why the women died from the leave. Was she allergic, did she take too much? I don't like to speculate. People can be allergic or abuse anything! I'm sure supplements will want to be demonized because of course they compete with big pharma!!!

  6. I follow the Dr. Brewer mantra…………………………"a salad and a piece of fish" .
    I'm not sure about avocado oil being better than olive oil. here in Greece we have an extra virgin olive oil called "Agourelaio" that is produced from unripe green olive fruits. As a rule, this is also an extra virgin olive oil, but it differs from the standard extra virgin olive oil produced from ripe fruits. It is deep green in color and tastes more bitter, spicy and fruity. The Ancient Greeks used it not only in their food but also for medicinal purposes, it is in the 'extrissima' category, characterized as "the cream of the olive oils" , i.e. the best olive oil there is. Hippocrates considered it beneficial for more than 60 diseases. Modern Medicine also considers it beneficial and recommends it in many cases. It reduces cholesterol, has an antioxidant effect and protects against cancer , helps liver function, is ideal for the diet of people suffering from diabetes and heart disease . The main fatty acid of this oil is oleic (Ω-9), it contains linoleate (Ω-6), α-linolenic (Ω-3) and arachidonic (Ω-6), . It has a strong presence of sterols (mainly β-sitosterol), alcohols and carotenoids, such as xanthophyll, carotenes and lycopene, as well as β-carotene (vitamin A).

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