Thursday, September 21, 2023

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39 thoughts on “How To Heal Hair, Skin Problems, Autoimmune Disease & Inflammation | Sarah Rahal
  1. I know most prob love/hate him but dr Berg has talked about colostrum for years, so this helps affirm it more. Btw anyone rmbr an episode max talked about spirulina algae, looking for more data, bc sounds like another nutrient dense essential source we should take everyday like colostrum

  2. On the subject of hydration around an hour, could be cool to invite on the doctor that does the podcast for trace minerals.

  3. You are never going to have optimal health, regardless of any supplements, if you continually eat junk foods and do not eat real food . Furthermore, in particular, ignoring the other pillars of health like exercise, sleep, stress management and positive relations.

  4. A dor de cabeça se não eh um câncer ou aneurisma e trabalho como fisioterapeuta e em uma sessão a melhoras das dores pois o trabalho eh global e portanto a resposta eh sempre excelente. Gostei da ideia da hidratação fora disso achei fraca a doutora

  5. 22:36 ha ha when I first started listening to the video and she started singing the praises of colostrum I was thinking to myself "so you're saying you sell colostrum" now I find out indeed yes she does sell colostrum how convenient.

  6. Let's talk about the deficiency that is causing these outcomes of health.

    When did a Female Human Being's first infant food become equal to a cow's udder product? 😳

  7. If I could recommend only one supplement to take daily for the rest of your life that will keep your skin clear and wrinkle free, your vision sharp, your joints from hurting, and your brain focused and free of dementia, all the while destroying free radicals like no other: Astaxanthin

  8. There are other ways to heal the gut. I am definitely not vegan, but I am not comfortable taking cow milk meant for the calf that was just born. Where is the calf in this equation? Cow gives birth and is immediately hooked up to a milking machine? No thanks.

  9. Again, how are the majority of Americans who have diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc., going to afford colustrum? Unless it's subsidized by the government or health insurance, it remains out of reach for the intended audience.

  10. I am inside using that product a couple months ago because I saw the advertisement on Instagram and it look like a high-quality colostrum! And I started using it and I can definitely tell the difference with my hair skin and nails! And when I saw this video it peaked my interest I was wondering if that was the product that she was promoting and I’m glad based on sounds like the knowledge that she has!

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