Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Methylene Blue Magic Bullet, Truth of Melatonin, Regenerative Medicine | @DrJohnLieurance @ MitoZen

Dr. John Lieurance of MitoZen Scientific discusses natural and effective alternatives to chronic health issues. We cover the new science of melatonin and methylene blue, mitochondrial optimization, novel supplement delivery mechanisms, light therapy, and some cutting-edge regenerative medicine protocols.

📕  Video chapters
0:00 Introduction
03:38 Myths and misconceptions about melatonin and methylene blue
04:23 Does supplementing melatonin suppress natural production (negative feedback loop)?
5:53 The new science of melatonin
9:12 Glutathione and other antioxidants
14:17 Overcoming poor supplement bioavailability with advanced delivery mechanisms
18:31 Dangers and risks of taking overcoming low supplement absorption by taking high dosages
19:49 Suppositories vs liposomes vs phytosomes to enhance supplement absorption
20:05 Why Dr. Lieurance started the PMA
20:50 Melatonin for non-sleep
24:46 The Cell Danger Response Theory
30:42 Locus coeruleus, methylene blue, mood, serotonin, memory
36:54 Health, performance, stress resilience benefits of melatonin
43:12 Using melatonin during the day and circadian rhythm health
46:55 Teachers and resources to learn the latest melatonin science
52:20 Healing Lyme disease, Epstein bar, and mold toxicity
58:30 How emotional disturbances impact disease states
1:04:15 Methylene Blue is antimicrobial and supports mitochondria
1:08:00 “Magic Bullet” – Dr. John Lierance’s book on Methylene Blue
1:09:57 Combining Methylene Blue with light
1:11:30 Benefits of skin brushing
1:13:48 High-dose melatonin prevents sunburn
1:15:44 Cutting-edge protocols: cranial adjustments, endo-nasal, stem cell, IV, light therapy
1:24:13 Dr. John’s practices for bioharmony

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📝 About our guest
Dr. John Lieurance is an expert in natural routes to health who believes in allowing nature to perform most of its work to balance the body. He has extensive knowledge about hormone replacement and how it affects the body’s negative feedback loop. He believes that the production of Melatonin is different from other hormones and its use as a supplement will not disrupt the natural rhythm of the body. He also emphasizes the importance of Mitochondria and how it plays a vital role in producing energy for the body through a process called the electron transport chain. Dr. Lieurance believes that almost all diseases are linked to a lack of adaption at a cellular level and that our body needs energy to drive adaptation pathways, without which, things start to break down and become diseased.

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5 thoughts on “Methylene Blue Magic Bullet, Truth of Melatonin, Regenerative Medicine | @DrJohnLieurance @ MitoZen
  1. Interesting interview. Thanks for the info on Glutathione. Thank you, Dr. Lieurance for mentioning that taking methylene blue prior to sun bathing reduces sunburn… I was curious about that.
    Would love to see a list of biomarkers that he tests for, before and after.
    Great interview: Could you do a repeat interview where Dr. Lieurance discusses the treatment for Tinnitus?

  2. I tried mega doses of melatonin due to Dr Lieurance idea, but I experimented paradoxical effect: it gave me bad dreaming, and anxiety. So I finished finding out that melatonin has Glyphosate, both mixed and in protein compound, same as gelatin and collagen (which has the same so called "paradoxical" effect). Does your product has third party tests on Glypho alone and mixed as a part of the proteins of the bovine pineal gland where your product is extracted?

  3. 1% Great interview, and I had a lot of takeaways. My experiments with MB gave me blue, then green, urine for several days. It took 5 days to normalize back to yellow. Blue tongue dissipated overnight, but it seems the MB hung around in the bladder for a lot longer. Is that an indication of a severe infection?

  4. I haven't been able find any information about methylene blue and liver issues.Should people with stressed livers avoid it? Or is it actually beneficial for these conditions?

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