Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Session 2 – Drug Re-Purposing in Glaucoma – TGF’s 28th Annual Scientific Think Tank

The Glaucoma Foundation Annual Think Tank convenes experts, from diverse fields, and from across the country and around the world, to share their insights and chart the course for future research that will lead to better treatments on our way to a cure.

SESSION 2: Drug Re-Purposing in Glaucoma – Moderator, Richard K. Lee, MD, PhD
0:00 Introduction – Richard K. Lee, MD, PhD
0:00:45 Insulin Signaling and Glaucoma – Louis R. Pasquale, MD
0:17:02 Metformin and Glaucoma – Joshua Stein, MD
0:42:03 GLP-1R Agonists and Glaucoma – Qi Cui, MD, PhD
1:10:27 Metformin (Study in LC Cells) – Colm O’Brien, FRCS, MD
1:15:12 Audience Questions

Richard K. Lee, MD, PhD is Associate Professor of Ophthalmology with Secondary Appointments in the Departments of Cell Biology, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and in the Neuroscience Graduate Program at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. He is the Walter G. Ross Distinguished Chair in Ophthalmic Research. His laboratory focuses on the molecular, cellular, proteomic, and neurophysiologic basis of glaucoma in experimental and human models. Using cutting edge experimental techniques and technologies, Dr. Lee’s lab is identifying pathways important for the development of glaucoma and retinal ganglion nerve cell death. These molecular pathways represent important new targets for the development of neuroprotective strategies to prevent blindness associated with glaucoma.

Louis R. Pasquale, MD is a physician-scientist with a particular interest in the pathogenesis of primary open-angle glaucoma. Dr. Pasquale serves on the editorial board of the following journals: Ophthalmology Glaucoma, International Glaucoma Review, and American Journal of Ophthalmology. He was a former member of the National Institute of Health’s National Advisory Eye Council, a past Vice President of ARVO, and current president of the New York Glaucoma Society. Furthermore, he is a member of the American Ophthalmological Society and the Glaucoma Research Society. He has published extensively and given numerous named lectures as well as keynote presentations throughout the world. Dr. Pasquale is an NIH Principal Investigator with continuous support since 2006. His current research focuses

on understanding the complex genotype-phenotype correlations operative in primary open-angle glaucoma. His work has highlighted environmental risk factors for exfoliation syndrome, the most common form of secondary open-angle glaucoma, and the role nitric oxide signaling plays in the pathogenesis of primary open-angle glaucoma. He has also contributed to resolving the complex genetic architecture of primary open-angle glaucoma.

Joshua Stein, MD is a health services researcher who leverages large administrative and electronic health record datasets to study epidemiology, risk factors, service utilization, predictive modeling, and outcomes of patients with glaucoma and other eye diseases. He is the Principal Investigator of the Sight Outcomes Research Collaborative (SOURCE) repository, a resource that aggregates EHR and ocular diagnostic test data on more than 4 million eye care recipients from more than 1 dozen health systems throughout the US and makes it accessible to researchers to advance our knowledge of glaucoma and other ocular diseases.

Qi Cui, MD, PhD specializes in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma. She cares for patients at the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine (Scheie Eye Institute). She performs surgeries to treat both cataract and glaucoma, including minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS).

Colm O’Brien, FRCS, MD is a glaucoma specialist and a clinician scientist with a long track record of translational research in glaucoma and a keen interest in mentoring trainee clinicians and scientists. The current interests of his research group include the cellular mechanisms that underlie the fibrotic pathological changes in the optic nerve and trabecular meshwork, including genetic and epigenetic alterations. The research also explores new therapeutic interventions including nutritional supplementation to improve visual function in glaucoma. He has also published on quality of life issues, ocular blood flow and trend analysis of visual field progression in glaucoma. He has published 173 peer-reviewed publications, has a h-index 44 (ResearchGate), and has supervised 42 higher degrees to completion (PhD, MSc, MD)

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