Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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5 reasons you might be having painful periods

These 5 things are likely playing a factor in why your experiencing really painful periods 🩸

Mismanaged blood sugar

Overexertion of the adrenal glands

Congestion in your elimination pathways

A lifestyle that’s working against the patterns of your menstrual cycle

Separation from your feminine energy

🍩 when your blood sugar levels are all over the place it can result in chronic internal stress, weight gain, and you’ll have a backlog of estrogen which leads to estrogen dominance symptoms which can cause chronic inflammation which directly impacts painful periods. Your blood sugar can also be affected epigenetically by how slowly or quickly your body processes carbs.

🥰 signs of overworked adrenals- which is also mitochondrial function because your mitochondria produces your energy, so you should consider mitochondria support as well – are, inability to concentrate, low blood sugar symptoms, difficulty getting out of bed, insomnia, depression, anxiety, low libido, difficulty concentrating, and poor memory.

💩 Congestion in your elimination pathways can look like an inability to sweat, constipation, and liver or kidney issues. All of these are incredibly important for dumping excess hormones especially estrogen because when everything gets backed up here, like I mentioned above, it leads to inflammation which leads to very painful periods and bad PMS symptoms.

💋When your lifestyle is working against your menstrual cycle it means youre doing things all out of sync for your phases. There’s 4 phases to your cycle and certain phases are better for socializing and doing things like presentations or meeting with community and other phases are better for building, creating, admin work, or focusing on yourself. This also applies to when you workout in your cycle as well. If you’re doing things in a phase that your energy is not conducive to you’re naturally going to feel more frustrated and tired.

🌺 When you’re separated from your feminine energy this can lead to a more masculine energy balance. PCOS symptoms are very masculine energy oriented. Symptoms of a feminine energy imbalance can look like feeling powerless, manipulative, needy, over-sensitive


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