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Drugs That Weaponize Iron in the Fight to Kill Cancer

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In this episode of The Alpha Human Podcast, Lawrence delves into drugs that can trigger ferroptosis to kill cancer cells. Ferroptosis is a regulated form of cell death characterized by the accumulation of lipid peroxides and iron-dependent reactive oxygen species, as this can be an Achilles’ heel for cancers that exhibit iron overload.

Although there are currently no approved drugs designed for this purpose, there are a number of existing pharmaceuticals that have demonstrated the ability to incite ferroptosis in cancer cells.

For instance, Lawrence highlights Auranofin, a rheumatoid arthritis drug, and Metformin, a widely prescribed drug for diabetes that has also shown potential for inhibiting cancer invasion and metastasis. Both drugs have demonstrated the ability to induce ferroptotic death in cancer cells.

Additionally, Lawrence discusses the effectiveness of Artesunate, a derivative of artemisinin commonly prescribed as an anti-malarial drug, and Sulfasalazine, primarily used for treating inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis, as both have shown the capability to trigger ferroptosis as well.

Targeting glutamine metabolism as a therapeutic strategy for cancer

A Promising Future of Ferroptosis in Tumor Therapy

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Auranofin mitigates systemic iron overload and induces ferroptosis via distinct mechanisms | Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy

Mechanisms of metformin inhibiting cancer invasion and migration:

Metformin may induce ferroptosis by inhibiting autophagy via lncRNA H19 in breast cancer

Sorafenib fails to trigger ferroptosis across a wide range of cancer cell lines

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Sulfasalazine‑induced ferroptosis in breast cancer cells is reduced by the inhibitory effect of estrogen receptor on the transferrin receptor

Artesunate synergizes with sorafenib to induce ferroptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma

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Artesunate induces ferroptosis via modulation of p38 and ERK signaling pathway in glioblastoma cells

Artesunate Inhibits the Growth Behavior of Docetaxel-Resistant Prostate Cancer Cells

Artesunate Inhibits Growth of Sunitinib-Resistant Renal Cell Carcinoma Cells through Cell Cycle Arrest and Induction of Ferroptosis

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