Monday, September 25, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The SHOCKING NEW TRUTH About Cancer & How to STARVE IT Away | Dr. Thomas Seyfried

Today you’re getting a deep dive with Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried!

Dr. Seyfried is Professor of Biology at Boston College, and received his Ph.D. in Genetics and Biochemistry.

He has over 200 peer-reviewed publications and is author of the book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer.

Today you’ll learn the shocking root cause of cancer and how to go about starving it away. We also touch on cancer prevention.

If you or someone you know has cancer, you’ll definitely want to tune in and absorb all this priceless info!

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20 thoughts on “The SHOCKING NEW TRUTH About Cancer & How to STARVE IT Away | Dr. Thomas Seyfried
  1. Thanks for watching this episode with Dr. Thomas Seyfried! If you're enjoying it, please vote by hitting the LIKE button on the video. This lets me know what type of guests to book for upcoming shows. Thanks! -Jesse 💙

  2. I really don't understand why Dr Seyfried's metabolic protocol can't be followed in Mexico. Who IS receiving hyperbaric oxygen and don/other meds that he refers to?

  3. F*ck the Cancer Industrial Complex needing to keep pumping wealth out of scared, dying people! The problem here is human greed blinding us and stalling change, plain and simple- its not a complex puzzle. We need to drop this horrifically expensive failed set of procedures for a cheap, simpler, curative procedure (if it proves to be so). If some doctors and pharms need to find a new way to get filthy rich, that is their choice and keeping looking. (Or, I suppose, just massively overcharge us as usual…)

  4. This ‘situation’ is not nearly as simple as finding a location to treat people. What Professor Seyfried is proposing is A WHOLE NEW CANCER TREATMENT programme which IS BASED ON THE REAL CAUSE OF CANCER, that is, DAMAGE TO THE MITOCHONDRIA.

  5. I can tell you what probably causes cancer. It's most likely a combination of a weak immune system, and toxicity of some sort. I believe this cancer was extremely rare among ancient humans, along with animals in nature. Cancer is rampant now for us.
    When we spent more time outside and got plenty of sun, ate natural, unprocessed foods, exercise intensely, and had zero man-made chemicals in our lives, cancer was extremely rare. Simple, to reduce the risk of cancer, eat natural food, get sun exposure, avoid chemicals as best you can. This is what cavemen did, who almost never got cancer…
    You show me a person with cancer, and I will show you a person who avoids the sun, has low vitamin D levels, eats sugar, vegetable oils and processed foods, and has plenty of man-made chemicals in their life…

  6. Your mind "created" the cancer in the first place because of dis-ease.
    I have eradicated 2 skin cancers within 2 weeks just by not giving it any energy, thought, or fear.
    Your mind is creating your whole reality.
    Government is mind-control.
    Learn the truth, set yourself free from dis-ease.

  7. I tried to correct the spelling errors in my original post, but it would not post. I am no longer afraid of cancer. My cancer cells were damaged and returning to ancient pathways of fermentation in response to my creating a very abnormal environment. There is NOTHING NORMAL about ingesting faux food like ultraprocessed items. We ingest ultraprocessed faux foods, we have become sedentary, we treat our symptoms with prescription drugs rather than treating the cause. We poison our mitochondria and then wonder why our bodies began to fail on multiple fronts. There is nothing I found in 2 years of reading hundreds of research papers that supports cancer being genetic. We have hit a tipping point as a society. There are too many accepted things in this modern society that contribute to metabolic dysfunction. Most prescription drugs are given to patients LONG TERM when that should NOT happen. Most prescription drugs harm the mitochondria. Ultraprocessed faux foods are deficient, only providing empty calories, devoid in essential nutrients and fats. We then wonder why we are hungry all the time? High fat rumanant meats, organs, take us back to our God created body needs and satiate the hunger. I no longer look at obesity in the same light. Obesity is a STARVING BODY, obesity is a body thats putting carbs into storage to protect the body. We are allowing multiple chemicals to be applied to our skin, where they are absorbed, that our bodies were never designed to be subject to. Our bodies have too many insults on too many fronts all at once. Now add in sedentary lifestyle. We were not designed to move so little. I work at a college. I have spoken with thousands of people. People assume if they ARE NOT obese that they are metabolically healthy, NO! That is a LIE!!!. Again and again I see young people, and mayure adults, who have never walked further than the front door to their car. There is no prescription pill that is a substitute for regular moderate exercise.

  8. I had thyroid cancer in 1993. Luckily survived. If I had cancer again after hearing this interview, I would try on my own to cut out carbohydrates and sugar and ultra processed foods and fast as much as possible. That’s what I would do. No soda 🥤 No bread no junk food. Drink mainly water. I would just do that at my own. In fact I cut out all this junk in January and lost 11 or 12 kilograms. My cholesterol is down. But I was prescribed statins. I refuse to take statins. I now eat much better. Not perfect but much better. Cancer patients should try this regardless of their stage. Just try. That’s what I would do. Don’t wait for the medical professionals to wake up. Listen to this doctor and try some of these things on your own. It may just help you?

  9. Phenomenal Episode. I wish some entrepreneurs would figure out a way to help fund this metabolic therapy. But for now everyone should cut sugar and carbs and sugary drinks and junk food as much as possible. It can only help? Fascinating episode. Most people don’t want to take charge of their eating habits and lifestyle. Please try. If you can.

  10. 8:23 I agree with Jesse’s observation: highly processed food is engineered to make it addictive. Sugar is more addictive than drugs and we can’t blame common people for inflicting health risks to themselves. These are authorized weapons of destruction being sold to us at a much cheaper price than the fresh unprocessed whole foods.

  11. And even if an overweight person does live to 95, their quality of life, physical illnesses, immobility and distress to their loved ones is an old age not worth living.

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