Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

This is Why Sugar & the Brain DON’T MIX

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This is How High Glucose Affects Brain Health | Jessie Inchauspé

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro
1:42 – Use Code THOMAS25 for 25% off Your First Order from SEED!
2:33 – Mood & Behavioral Changes
4:32 – Long-Term Effects (Alzheimer’s)
5:45 – Inflammation & Brain Fog
8:07 – Does Sugar Give You Energy?


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35 thoughts on “This is Why Sugar & the Brain DON’T MIX
  1. To me, for the billions with too much glucose in their blood from too many carbs, maybe 1 out of 5 gives themselves Type 2 diabetes eventually, 2 out of 5 are partly crippled either mentally or physically or both, and the other 2 seem to have no effect until late in life, lowering the quality and length of their retirement. Sten Ekberg has a good video about Mexico and diabetes that shows how going from a third world nation to more prosperous caused more to eat too much and lower quality food, spiking glucose problems so their diabetes rate is very high now, and used to be one of the lowest in the world.

  2. I am a sugar addict. For the last year to now, whenever I have sugar, my mood changes immediately, I am sleepy, moody, slow, procrastinate, want to be alone, want to do nothing, and sometimes my skin itches. I also noticed I am having back pains especially if I have sodas and cheese. I have been feeling pain in my joints too and sometimes in the morning, I cannot get up off the bed as easily as I normally would. Now I am fighting myself to reduce my sugar intake and I am planning to have apple cider vinegar to help suppress my appetite as well as hopefully help with the inflammation.

  3. Amazing informations ❤️🙌Being able to provide all my needs without the help of the Government is really a dream come through and I’m getting $43,050 returns from my $7k investment, glory to the everlasting God almighty.

  4. A difficult quandary to escape from requiring a significant lifestyle change. Most online foodstuff products don’t even reveal the nutritional information (at least where I reside). Ignorance is not bliss & unfortunately the majority of viewers of this material already have glucose issues.

  5. <<I love the grounded reality of this channel!! , Despite the financial instability all over the world, I'm so excited this the second time withdrawing $78k profits off my investment

  6. I don’t think I can completely give up sugar. I love my sweets, but have cut back over the years. I think people are lying if they say they are clean eaters and do not eat refined sugar whatsoever. I think that eating fake/substitute sugars are more dangerous than eating sugar considering the recent studies… But, everything in moderation, right? I mean, something will kill us in the end.

  7. I’ve been a dope head my whole life. Dopamine that is. I’ve never drank a beer smoked or any drugs in my life. That’s doesn’t make me better than anyone. I was just clarifying the dope head comment.
    I am really concentrating on cutting my sugars out. I’ve been gradually cutting things in half and today is the day I’m shooting for , no added sugars in my food. Already as of this morning I did not eat my cereal. And my cravings for other sugary foods are not as bad as they usually are. So far so good. I’ll probably be showing signs of withdrawals later today. Appreciate all the knowledge.
    Don’t know how you find time to train with all this knowledge , you must read and study a lot. Luke 9:62

  8. After hearing "Type 3 Diabetes" a few years ago… I've started doing my part to prepare people for it. This video is such an EXCELLENT, concise, short and sweet 9 minutes of explanation that goes a long way toward explaining why we're going to see that term used eventually in the medical world.

    All these things we thought for so long were "mysterious diseases"… turns out Hippocrates was right all along – illnesses don't come out of nowhere, but manifest after we commit enough sins against nature…

  9. She was more interested in the camera than speaking with you. I would have believed her more if she was more interested in her comments. You were totally involved as always.

  10. Fatty liver…..
    Your body think your in a severe drought and your starving to death.
    Because your eating all this garbage.
    Which turns on a survival protocol.
    #1 is to store everything possible this is just one of many changes that happen at this point.

  11. Common myth that sugar equals energy… please take a simple biology class from highschool to understand basic science lady. Better to title/talk about processed sugars and overeating not demonizing a macronutrient. Very misleading information.

  12. Hi Thomas! Great content as always. I know the best way to drink coffee would be no sugar or sweeteners, but is there some kind of "sweetener" that would be a healthy option?

  13. So glucose… The fuel that the Brain runs on.. is poisonous to the brain… A fuel so precious that the liver synthesizes it, and will even shred muscular tissues to make… Is poisonous… To the brain? Hmmmm…..

  14. Thomas your videos are awesome. I’d like it if you would talk about the cardio miracle supplement in depth. Great on keto and it’s the best energy I ever had.

  15. I totally agree. I have just recently stopped eating sugar for about six months and I feel so much different. It has become a aha moment. I have totally changed my diet. I have so much more energy. I feel healthier.

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